Submission Guidelines

We want stories about modern culture with a geeky twist or nerd like passion to it. We want to hear about the people who lead, shape, and spread culture. We want to read about how culture is changing and what affects it is having around the world. We want to see the culture in action, with you showing us what is happening at both the coalface and the periphery.

We are open to all formats. Written words, video, audio, and photo series are all welcome.

How do I submit my story to Living Myth Media, Inc?

Pretty easily. We’ve got an open submissions policy and every proposal will get looked over by at least one member of our editorial staff. We apologize in advance for replying primarily with form letters, but, well, there’s no other way to handle responses as quickly as we would like and even then… well, you’ll hear from us.

Please read the entirety of what follows before submitting; following our guidelines will ensure you a fair hearing by our editorial staff. Stories that don’t follow these guidelines will not be read.


Your submissions packet should include:

  1. A synopsis of your story or story idea. This should include all important elements, especially what you think the effect of the story will have.
  2. A cover letter that includes your name and contact information, a short “about the author” blurb and the title of the submitted work. Briefly tell us what genre the submission falls into and mention any qualifications you have that pertain to the work.
  3. A short list of three to five examples of your work with links to where we can see them. Published or not show us what you can do. Please note that you don’t need to have anything published or have any qualifications beyond your story for us to publish it – our entire purpose to help people get started.

Please send only one story per email.  If you’ve written a series just send a proposal for the first part only, but mention that it is a series and tell us how long it would be. We like long stories and if we like your story we’ll ask for the rest and do everything we can to get it read by people and, you know, make you money.

If you want to know when we’ve started investigating your story,  please ask us to do so. We will. We’re good like that.

Still with us? Excellent. Just a few more notes:

  1. Don’t send a query letter. We need to know what we’re getting into before we can commit to anything. Proposals are what we need and stories are what we crave.
  2. For the love of every God we can think of, don’t send paper or disks or anything like that. No mail.  It’s shocking how many people keep sending us stuff in the mail. Put your story in the email body, thank you.
  3. Please check your files before sending them. Anything with a virus will not be read and your email address will be blocked. Has also happened. It’s annoying and slows down everybody.
  4. Keep back-ups. Keep back-ups of your back-ups. Email yourself your story. Protect your work and keep it safe. This is a story you’ve crafted, it has value and worth (even if we don’t publish it, it has value and worth). Make sure you can access your story.
  5. Although we like getting material goods, they will not influence your chances of being published with us. We like stuff, but we love story and it’s story that we work with. If we think we can help with a project, we will. If we can’t, well, nothing is going to change our minds. 

Alright. Wonderful. With that out of the way, feel free to send your stories to:

We try to respond to any and all submissions that meet our guidelines within four to six months. Sadly, sometimes things go awry and things end up in the Spam Folder (we check weekly, but we’re only human). Because of the raw amount of submissions it’s not possible for us to track down an individual project at any given time, so please don’t contact us for a status report. We will contact you, whether we decide to work with you or not. We’re good like that – if you don’t hear from us, though, please resubmit. Thank you, good luck, and we look forward to hearing from you!

The Living Myth Media Editorial Team.