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Video Game Rewards: Given vs. Earned

Greatest Hits

August 22, 2014

August has become a painfully slow month for fans of videos games, but we have a way of enduring while waiting for the next influx of video game new releases: we look back.

Sometimes, it’s about playing catch-up with the backlog of games that you missed out throughout the year. Sometimes, it’s about heading back to old favorites and re-running them to remind yourself that your favorites of yester-year can be more than just rose-tinted nostalgia. Some of them actually can stand the test of time. (more…)

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MMO-A-GO-GO, Part 2


May 29, 2014

A Personal MMO Retrospective.

Part 2 of…. schtuffff.

Now comes the personal stuff. Warning: this article contains feels.


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Production Silence


May 25, 2014

Sometimes, I just don’t understand the reasoning behind a particular movie production needing to keep quiet about, well, everything. Sure, I get the need to keep certain plot points on the down-low so that they ultimately make an impact in the theatre, but what about casting? Or characters? Or production design? Now, this isn’t exactly a relevant concern when you’re talking about Katherine Heigl’s next horrific rom-com, but it certainly IS relevant to genre films. Because let’s face it – as a fan base, we’re the people who care. (more…)

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