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Ogre Plays Games: My Short Stint as a Competitive Dota 2 Player

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April 3, 2014

A packed Benaroya Hall is pictured during "The International" Dota 2 video game competition in Seattle
The year was 2013. September was beginning and my friends and I were sitting down at EXP Restaurant on a Sunday morning to watch the finals of the International Dota 2 Tournament in Seattle. Navi had clinched the final spot and would face Alliance. It was a fun event and a lot of beer and nachos were consumed. This led to my friends getting some ideas, “Hey, why don’t we play Dota 2 in a tournament? We’re pretty good!” When you’ve had three pitchers of Pilsner anything seems like a good idea to a group of young to middle aged men.
The thought percolated in my brain for a while and then a few weeks later I saw it. Ancient Trials, a locally sponsored Dota 2 tournament administered by Heartless Gerbils Entertainment Limited.

And so my rise to pro gaming stardom began. (more…)

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