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Instant Theatre – Talk Felty To Me

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April 24, 2017

If you were alive and culturally savvy in the last 14 years you probably have heard the song, The Internet Is For Porn. If you haven’t heard it then you should.. click the link above, we will wait. Great! You watched that? Cool. That is from Avenue Q.  For those of us who have been lucky enough to see it live, then you will feel very at home watching Instant Theatre’s Talk Felty To Me. And for those of you who haven’t… you probably will still have a lovely if not raunchy good time. 

Talk Felty To Me is part of Instant’s monthly line up of shows held at The Havana. There are many adjectives that one could use to describe this show. Funny. Hilarious. Adult. Shocking. However, the one that sticks out is RAUNCHY!  This is the most amazing, raunchy, experience. I spent most of the show in near crying, clutch my pearls delight. 

There was a cast of 7-10 puppeteer/improvisers who came out and greeted the crowd and then went into a round of Innuendo. Innuendo is set up with the premise that you say that “Having sex with me is like (fill in the audience suggestion) because (punchline). It is a popular improv game that always gets a great laugh, but when puppets do it, it changes the fabric of reality. Most of us have been raised with Sesame Street as a fundamental building blocks of our education and to have a puppet talk say “I like my men like I like my coffee, in a cup” is disturbing and magical.

Then they did Normal, Bigger, Biggest which is set up to have a suggestion of a style of movie or show (in this show it was Film Noir) and then you do the scene normally, then bigger (more exaggerated) then biggest which is the most ridiculous version of the scenario.

The audience loved this so much. It just more and more ridiculous and well, to use the adjective above, raunchy.

After this, we had a session of advice about dating from two puppet brothers. It was great! Full of thoughtful but poorly executed advice, much like how most of us navigate the dating world. Done in the every other word style of improv where one puppet will say the first word, then the next word is done by the other puppet until they complete a semi coherent thought.

Next was Bushy! The Diva of Talk Felty To Me, who serenades the crowd with a song based on the audience suggestion, they asked for something that was a “Sexy Problem” and UTI was suggested.

Bushy is singing about UTIs and Sexy

After Bushy sang it’s song there were more skits involving an audience members dreams to be a pirate chef and also a series of short stories where a puppet complained about poor people in East Van and their need for the last scone.

Finally the last and I think the sweetest part of the night happened when the lady who was the main puppet maker for the show had her friend come on stage and have the cast sing happy birthday to her.

All in all, Talk Felty To Me is amazing and a delight, worth every bit of uncomfortable shock and will forever scar me but in the end will be a fond memory.

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