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Living Myth Magazine Podcast – Episode 1 – July 2017

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July 2, 2017

Welcome to the first episode of Living Myth Magazine Podcast.

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We are glad you are spending some time with us.

Your hosts Anne Honeycutt and Aaron Golden really appreciate you.

This episode features two interviews, a short story and a piece of music created by wonderful creatives.

Interview 1:


The great adventure of Jo Dworschak and her son Luke starts on Canada’s 150th birthday in St. John’s, Newfoundland. From there they will find their way back to Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s an 86 hour drive! Along the way, they’ll be seeking diverse families to meet with. Collecting stories and connecting Canadians from coast to coast!.

You can hear more about this project and support Jo and Luke by liking their Facebook Page:



And finally, donate to their GoFundMe! They need gas money:

You can also contact them to tell them they are doing great or to meet up with them so that your family can share their story by emailing Jo at


Interview 2:

ZEROD20 with Jalyn Euteneier

ZeroD20 is an inclusive “representation matters” tabletop gaming podcast franchise that recently started a collaboration with Living Myth Magazine. They have plans to be at Geek Girl Con ( this year in Seattle and want to make the gaming world a better place for all.

You can follow them on the internet using the following!


Twitter: @zerod20_


and you can support their Kickstarter Campaign!

Our Short Story Feature This Month

Take You Home by Abbey St. Brendan which will be available to read in its entirety along with the full audio read by Michael McIntyre on July 13th (Link to be added when the story drops)

And last but not least! Our Featured Song!

She Waits by Andrew Mockler

You can get all the news on show dates and how to purchase his music on  also feel free to follow him on Facebook

Do you like what you heard? Do you want us to celebrate your creativity creatively? Drop us a line at and Anne will totally get back to you 😀


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Comedy, Culture, Events, LMM Live, Performance, Showcase

June 20, 2017

We are doing our first live show after a long hiatus of show making… and man is it a doozy!

Tell Me Your Nightmares is a show where we talk about something we all have… NIGHTMARES!

We will be at Seven Dining Loung in Vancouver, BC on July 14th from 7 PM to 11 PM.

There will be special guests and great music by our musical guests The Skeleton Crew

You can have a listen to them below

We will also have two contests! A pyjama contest and an audience nightmare contest. More information will be available on our event page.

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The D-Cast Episode 54 – The Force Awakens

Culture, film, Opinion, Reviews, Why Aren't You Watching This?

December 21, 2015

Andy and Dale return to the D-Cast to talk a little movie that really came out of nowhere to dominate everything forever. You may have heard of it… Star Wars, the Force Awakens? You can and should check out the movie in theaters now, and then check out the spoiler-laden latest episode of their podcast right here, right now. The video version is sure to follow.


The D-Cast can be found by clicking their name, and you can chat with them on twitter, too.

And you can check them out on itunes. Awesome.

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The Kessel Rundown Darth Vader Episode 2 – Interplanetary Man Of Mystery

Reviews, Videos, Webseries

September 28, 2015

Spoilers lie ahead as Dale Wentland (of the D-Cast) and Aaron Golden (from this very site) continue to have short conversations about the 2015 Marvel Star Wars comic series. The Dark Side offers them cookies and drives them to discuss Darth Vader#2. Listening in may either further your knowledge of the Sith, or allow you to overcome the Dark Side. You are interested, no?

The Kessel Rundown is and can be found at:

Dale Wentland can be found on twitter or at the D-Cast.

Aaron Golden can be found on twitter. He also wrote a book.

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Nerdcouver on Comics Episode 017

nerdcouver, Reviews, Videos

August 27, 2015

The Nerdcouver kids they are back, talking comics and amazing! This week, that means Transference #2, The Mantle #4, Rat Queens #11, Archie #2, We(l)come Back #1, Hexed #12, Book of Death #2, Loki #17, Justice League #43, Robin: Son of Batman #3, and Star Wars #8.

Did you guys pick any of these up? And if you did, what did you think?

Nerdcouver is and can be found at:

Aaron Golden @lastswann

Nathan Rayes @natemayes

Reva Dawn @maplebunnie

Jenna Táralóm @novavandorwolf

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Nerdcouver on Comics 016

Culture, nerdcouver, Reviews, Videos

August 25, 2015

Kind of a short episode this time around. We talk about Injection, X-O Manowar, The Beauty, and Batman. We go deep, talking about what makes these for comics the ones you need to read. And you do need to read them. They are like oxygen for your soul.


Nerdcouver is and can be found at:

Aaron Golden @lastswann

Nathan Rayes @natemayes

Reva Dawn @maplebunnie

Jenna Táralóm @novavandorwolf

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Nerdcouver Comics 016

nerdcouver, Reviews, Videos

August 24, 2015

Now that convention crunch is over, Nerdcouver is back to talk comics and other assorted geeky errata! Everything goes back to regular schedule, and, better still – this week all the missing episodes and backlogged reviews will be posted~!

For now, here’s episode 15. Them kooky Nerdcouver kids, they be talking about UFOlofy, The Woods, Imperium, Ms. Marvel, John Flood, Nailbiter, Deadly Class, The Spire, Muirwood: The Lost Abbey, Jirni, We Stand on Guard, and 8House: Arclight.

Nerdcouver is and can be found at:

Aaron Golden @lastswann

Nathan Rayes @natemayes

Reva Dawn @maplebunnie

Jenna Táralóm @novavandorwolf

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Nerdcouver 2015-05-27

Reviews, Videos, Webseries

June 1, 2015

This week, those crazy Nerdcouver kids split their picks up into four separate videos~! By our powers combined…

We start with Reva, who may or may not have something from Aspen Comics, and everyone celebrates the end of Convergence~!

Nathan brings up a little comic about some art film that came out, like, more than a decade ago. Fight something? There’s a club? Anyway, the comic is really good. There’s also something about Kaiju in prison:

We move into the wonder what is Jenna, and things take a serious turn as Pisces is discussed, but then everyone loves Wayward. Forever. Because Wayward is awesome.

And, finally, Aaron is forced to summarize comics quickly because the battery to the camera is dying, and somehow manages to do it. Also, shockingly, Valiant comics are discussed~! No one saw that coming…



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Welcome to Night Vale


July 18, 2014

The walls have ears. The walls have eyes. The posters have eyes. The cosplayers’ foreheads have eyes. We do not know what they want, but sometimes we can hear them speaking in whispers we cannot quite understand. Welcome to Night Vale. (more…)

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