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Instant Theatre – Outer Middle Zone

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March 10, 2017

Vancouver is an improv town, boasting several improv theaters that teach and mold gaggles of improv artists each year. The most innovative and prolific is the Instant Theatre Company. Their show lineup is eclectic but well thought-out, ranging from themed performances to all out free-for-alls, where you can see the talents of the many troops that are forming or have coalesced via their school.

One of the most unique shows to come out of the Instant Theatre is The Outer Middle Zone. “Behind this dark curtain lies another dimension – a dimension of late night science fiction theater inspired by The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. A dimension where some of Vancouver’s top improvisers bring you astonishing tales from the border of the everyday and the uncanny. The dimension we call… the Outer-Middle Zone! Cast members Nikolai Witschl, Brad Duffy, Travis Bernhardt, Chelsey Stuyt, and Max Tennessen spin stories filled with unexpected twists and macabre turns, all made up on the spot based on your suggestions. Get all the chills, suspense, hilarity, and surprises your all-too-human brain can handle at Instant Theatre’s late night science fiction triple feature!”

The stories spun that night were eerie and delightful, the story of a man who swindled his way into a more modern hell, a white room without a means of escape and with no one to entertain him; a man stranded on an island, reliving the terror of interacting with the ghosts of a family he was marooned with; and the terror of being forced to battle for space on the last rocket ship, leaving Earth before the ever-increasing gravity imploded the planet and everything and everyone on it.

I have seen a lot of improv and it can be hit-or-miss, but Instant Theatre proved to be more of the former and none of the latter. There were moments watching this that I felt slightly terrified and touched by emotions that were honest but not pleasant, though in a good way.

The actors faithfully and lovingly capture the tension and fear that was North America in the middle of The Cold War. Skillful and clever, they were able to evoke the cheesy camp of early TV commercials for products that no one would want, the dryness of a newscast of that era all while battling through suggestions that would flub up those less skilled.

Instant Theatre is a gem and the future of improv in this town. If you ever get a chance to go to a show, please do: you will not be disappointed and if you feel the urge to hone your improv or comedy craft they would be happy to teach you. Visit for their show and class schedule.

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The Fictionals – Five Year Anniversary

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November 11, 2015

Ladies and Germs… for those of you living in Vancouver who have never been to see Improv Against Humanity, you’re missing out on one of the joys of life.

Improv Against Humanity, or IAH for those in the know, was created by the improv group the Fictionals. The Fictionals started out with Show Us Your Wits, which was an improv and burlesque mashup hosted by the former Mermaid Cafe. Since then they have expanded to a cast of 12 players, and perform regularly at Cafe Deux Soleils and, of course, at the Rio Theatre. IAH is by no means for the faint of heart – if you are easily offended by, well, *anything*, you will definitely want to give this show a pass. But if you’re the type to experience a hearty belly laugh at the idea of watching a scene inspired by two midgets $#!^ing in a bucket, then this is the show for you!

The Fictionals Comedy Co.

And who can believe that the Fictionals have been around for FIVE YEARS? Happy Birthday, Fictionals! To celebrate, you should join us at their 5th Anniversary celebration – they’re bringing cake! Mmmm… cake.

IAH Five Year Anniversary Poster

If you plan to attend, I highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance. It is almost always a sell-out show, so those who buy tickets the night of are often left disappointed. And remember that if you arrange for will-call tickets, you MUST be there by 7:30 or else the tickets are released back into the wild.

See you there…

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The Superhero Show!


October 11, 2014

This past Thursday saw the official gala premiere of Vancouver Theatresports League’s latest mainstage show, The Superhero Show. Each night, the cast (or Su-performers) create a full length episode of a comic-book show that never existed, with inspiration taken from the audience’s suggestions. (more…)

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Orange Is The New Blank – Vancouver Fringe Festival 2014


September 8, 2014

From the minds of the comedy duo Virginia Jack comes this wholly improvised tale of women in prison. Or tales, rather, as each night the audiences will be getting an entirely different show. Each of the prisoners in Orange Is The New Blank get a quick piece of inspiration suggested by the crowd, be it an emotion, an object, a favorite book and then a title for that night’s “episode”. At that point, the cast dive in and tell a full-length story about the ladies behind bars. (more…)

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Graeme Duffy: High Atop The Throne of Games


June 6, 2014

The Fictionals’ epic, Game of Thrones-inspired comedy show Throne and Games ended its hilarious run at The Rio Theatre last night. The series of shows featured the various Fictionals regulars and special guests donning detailed costumes and taking on the characters from the hit HBO show and was tremendously well received by audiences. We caught up with show creator Graeme Duffy after the finale to get his thoughts on the run. (more…)

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Minus World Improv


November 11, 2013

Minus World Improv Logo

Wednesday night marked the premiere of local improv troupe The Fictionals’ latest venture – a video game themed show titled “Minus World Improv” (for those of you without a background in classic video games, the title references a glitch level in Super Mario Bros. from which there is no escape). In a town that not only boasts a number of game studios, but an emerging social scene focusing on the nerd culture, the time seems ripe to test the waters with a genre based improv show. (more…)

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The Fictionals Against Humanity!


August 6, 2013

I am seated on the patio at Commercial Drive’s Cafe Deux Soliels on a gorgeous summer afternoon enjoying an ice cold beer. Seated across from me is one Daniel Chai. Chai is no stranger to this local bastion for the arts here in Vancouver. The improv comedy troupe The Fictionals has headlined the cafe almost every week since Chai co-founded the group three years ago. Each Tuesday night the group rotates a trio of fresh comedy events:

  • The Pop-Up Comedy Jam – The Fictionals send an invite out to other improvisers from around the city to collaborate on a comedy jam session of sorts. A fun chance for the audience to see new faces from all over the Greater Vancouver area.
  • Vancouver Improv Fight Club – While the Pop Up Comedy Jam is a fun night of collaboration, this Fight Club is exactly the opposite of that. Duos representing different comedy troupes go head to head in a tag-team improv melee in a battle… for audience love and approval!
  • Show Us Your Wits – A saucy mix of naughty improvising with a spectacle of burlesque!


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A Live Dungeons & Dragons Experience with The Critical Hit Show.


June 22, 2013

Critical Hit Show 2 (photo cred Evil Patrick Shannon)On the last Wednesday of every month, dungeon master Eric Fell and his band of fellow comedic adventurers invite you to his parents’ basement (aka Vancouver’s Rio Theatre) to play a little bit of Dungeons & Dragons.This is The Critical Hit Show: A Live Dungeons & Dragons Comedy Experience, an improv comedy show where the performers take to the stage and become elves, trolls, clerics, etc. and set off on a quest with hilarious results. I had the chance to sit down with Eric Fell and his fellow cast member and long-time collaborator Shaun Stewart to talk about the how Critical Hit came to be.

Fell says the idea was sparked while he was flipping through a dungeon master’s guide one day at a local gaming store and began spotting the parallels between the game and improv. Soon Fell, Stewart and another future cast-mate Allen Morrison were on their podcast show spit-balling ideas and characters. It became clear that there was real potential in the idea. The next step was to assemble the cast.


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