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Robert V discusses Northwest Fan Fest

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May 16, 2015

Robert VRobert V is a local cosplay icon who has used the craft and art to keep a strong relationship with his son. Northwest Fan Fest is proud to have him as a guest and we got a chance to speak with him leading up to the event. 
LMM: What does fandom mean to you?
Robert V: (it) Means looking at all the kids’ faces when they see their favorite action hero or artist in front of them.
LMM: How do you explain that to people not in the know?
Robert V:You get to see all these artists and their art all come together and enjoy a weekend of fun, art, and knowledge.
LMM: How has being a part of the fandom affected your life?
Robert V: It brings me and my kid together to do something we both enjoy.
LMM: What kind of impact do events like Northwest Fan Fest have for the fandom?
Robert V:It has a big impact because it keeps kids interested in it art instead of being out in the streets getting in trouble.
LMM: What’s your favorite part of Fan Fest?
Robert V:It’s the full experience of the artist, cosplay characters, and art.
LMM: Who are you excited to see at NWFF?
Robert V:Desu Dolls, Ghostbusters and new cosplay friends.
LMM: How would you get somebody who has never heard of it to come out?
Robert V: I would explain to them how much fun I have with my son looking at all the art and talent of everyone and how (much) they would enjoy it with their kids.

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Northwest Fan Fest – Walkoff Teaser

Lifestyle, Videos

June 21, 2014

The audience attending Northwest Fan Fest’s cosplay contest at the Richmond Night Market were treated by an impromptu rendition of the classic Anime Evolution event: THE WALK-OFF!

It was a rematch between last year’s champion Brian Milne and runner-up Arash Azizzadeh.

Strutting ensued… (more…)

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Fan Expo Vancouver 2014 – Local Views


April 20, 2014

There were so many local people at Fan Expo Vancouver this year – writers, artists, cosplayers, and vendors of all sizes and shapes come to take part in the festivities. This is just a sampling of those British Columbia-based people, with a quote from each on their experiences at this year’s convention.

(Click their name so you can see who they are for yourselves!) (more…)

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Fan Expo Vancouver 2014 – Cosplayers Dressed To Thrill


April 20, 2014

Conventions are a big deal. Cosplayers at conventions are a bigger one.

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]rom the small fan run, not-for-profits to the larger expos, a con is where the action is. One of the biggest draws after the celebrities is the cosplayers.  Walk through any convention and you see them. Young and old alike, the costumed superheroes of our community are out in force. And it really does make for a great time. Take them away and it would feel, a bit weird, okay really weird, almost soulless. (more…)

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Will The Real Nerd Girls Please Stand Up? Oh, Wait…

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October 29, 2013


Nerd girl. Geek girl. Both of these are terms that I’ve used to describe myself over the years. But with the “fake geek / nerd girl” discussion rearing its ugly head over the past little while, I’ve been feeling the urge to add a qualifier at the end… “but the real kind”; as if there actually was another variety. And because of that little voice at the back of my head, I’ve unwittingly become a part of the problem. I’ve allowed myself to acknowledge something that really isn’t even there to acknowledge; because there is no such thing as a fake nerd girl.

Now, before I go much further into this, I’ve got to be upfront; I’ve never been “cred checked” at a Con. Never. Not once. The most I’ve gotten are strange glances and the occasional “are you sure you’re in the right place” comment, but I’ve never been questioned as to my right to simply be present. Maybe it is because I don’t cosplay, maybe it is because I’m often the one to strike up a conversation first, or maybe I simply give off a “don’t mess with me” vibe. I don’t really know. But the fact that it has never happened to me doesn’t mean that I’m not worried that it might. And even though I’ve never had to actively prove my nerdiness, I’m still very much aware that the seemingly innocuous questions imply that I somehow don’t belong. (more…)

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FanExpo Vancouver 2013


April 16, 2013

Calling All True Believers…


“Oh My God is that Stan Lee? I swear I just saw Amanda Tapping and Sean Astin!”

As any Vancouverite could tell you, that’s sort of a normal day in the Rainy City. Getting all of your favorite pop icons together in one place, though? And surrounded by costume clad superheroes, panels on all manner of geekery, and with talk of the best games of all kinds to boot? That’s sort of exceptional. That’s something that demands attention. (more…)

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