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MegaSteakMan: Now With Swords

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November 14, 2013

318929_162226113858943_199443141_nSince making a huge splash online just over three years ago with their gritty spoof trailer Pokémon Apokélypse, the team at MegaSteakMan have delivered dozens of hilarious high-concept comedy sketches. Their dynamic, if not hyperactive, visual style is unmistakable. Now they are taking that pop-culture-fuelled energy, loading it into blender and pouring it into the comedic fantasy webseries Girls With Swords.

I had a chance to pry MegaSteakMan creator Kial Natale away from his editing bay for an hour for some coffee and here is some snippets of our lengthy converstaion:


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Minus World Improv


November 11, 2013

Minus World Improv Logo

Wednesday night marked the premiere of local improv troupe The Fictionals’ latest venture – a video game themed show titled “Minus World Improv” (for those of you without a background in classic video games, the title references a glitch level in Super Mario Bros. from which there is no escape). In a town that not only boasts a number of game studios, but an emerging social scene focusing on the nerd culture, the time seems ripe to test the waters with a genre based improv show. (more…)

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EpicLLOYD: Epic Raps For Hire

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September 24, 2013

EpicLLOYD2There probably aren’t too many people who can stake claim to having their breakout role be  a rapping Adolph Hitler. But for rapper and comedian Lloyd Ahlquist, it’s just another day at the office. Ahlquist, better known to the world as EpicLLOYD, is the co-creator for the enormously successful YouTube series Epic Rap Battles of History, which is now entering its third season.

But Lloyd hasn’t stopped there. At the same time he has been putting out original music on his own channel and created another popular series called Dis Raps For Hire. As the name implies, EpicLLOYD takes suggestions from viewers who are having issues with others and formulates a verbal smackdown in their defense.

Lloyd was awesome enough to chat sit down for a quick video chat to discuss all of his various works. So without any further ado, here we go:


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Gunnarolla: A-POP, Please

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September 17, 2013

Better known to the internet-world as Gunnarolla, Ontario-native Andrew Gunadie has been bringing his original, ecclectic mix of music, comedy and vlogs on YouTube for more than six years. In that time his channel has garnered over eleven-million views, fuelled by an avid fanbase that Andrew is constantly engaging and several ongoing video series like “We Are What You Tweet”, “New State Plates” and “Songs About People”. (more…)

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The Fictionals Against Humanity!


August 6, 2013

I am seated on the patio at Commercial Drive’s Cafe Deux Soliels on a gorgeous summer afternoon enjoying an ice cold beer. Seated across from me is one Daniel Chai. Chai is no stranger to this local bastion for the arts here in Vancouver. The improv comedy troupe The Fictionals has headlined the cafe almost every week since Chai co-founded the group three years ago. Each Tuesday night the group rotates a trio of fresh comedy events:

  • The Pop-Up Comedy Jam – The Fictionals send an invite out to other improvisers from around the city to collaborate on a comedy jam session of sorts. A fun chance for the audience to see new faces from all over the Greater Vancouver area.
  • Vancouver Improv Fight Club – While the Pop Up Comedy Jam is a fun night of collaboration, this Fight Club is exactly the opposite of that. Duos representing different comedy troupes go head to head in a tag-team improv melee in a battle… for audience love and approval!
  • Show Us Your Wits – A saucy mix of naughty improvising with a spectacle of burlesque!


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Zach Sherwin: Switching It Up

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July 30, 2013

When he started performing in his University days in the Boston area, rapper and comedian Zach Sherwin had branded himself MC Mr. Napkins. Sporting some trademark wild hair and attire, MC Mr. Napkins had built himself a solid following, appearing on E!, VH1, Just For Laughs and has been featured in several videos online over the years. At the tail-end of 2010, after re-locating to Los Angeles, he released MC Mr. Napkins: The Album on Comedy Central Records. Not long after that, Sherwin made his first appearance on the hugely popular Epic Rap Battles of History series on YouTube, portraying a furious Albert Einstein, and would soon join the team as a writer and recurring performer. We would also continue to see new MC Mr. Napkins music videos appear on his own YouTube page right up until the end of 2012. (more…)

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Ninja Sex Party: Tales of Strawberries and Cream

Interviews, Music

July 11, 2013

So here’s the set-up: A Jewish superhero and his bestfriend-slash-roommate, who is a ninja, start a rock band to pick up chicks. (more…)

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A Live Dungeons & Dragons Experience with The Critical Hit Show.


June 22, 2013

Critical Hit Show 2 (photo cred Evil Patrick Shannon)On the last Wednesday of every month, dungeon master Eric Fell and his band of fellow comedic adventurers invite you to his parents’ basement (aka Vancouver’s Rio Theatre) to play a little bit of Dungeons & Dragons.This is The Critical Hit Show: A Live Dungeons & Dragons Comedy Experience, an improv comedy show where the performers take to the stage and become elves, trolls, clerics, etc. and set off on a quest with hilarious results. I had the chance to sit down with Eric Fell and his fellow cast member and long-time collaborator Shaun Stewart to talk about the how Critical Hit came to be.

Fell says the idea was sparked while he was flipping through a dungeon master’s guide one day at a local gaming store and began spotting the parallels between the game and improv. Soon Fell, Stewart and another future cast-mate Allen Morrison were on their podcast show spit-balling ideas and characters. It became clear that there was real potential in the idea. The next step was to assemble the cast.


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Geek on the Town


February 13, 2013

In the fair city of Vancouver I often find myself wondering where can a geek go to spend his evenings, where can I enjoy a drink and be entertained by the very thing that draws us to geekery in the first place? Well I would like to tell you, fair readers, I would like to you to join me each month in exploring the fair city and all the geek related events that it deems fit to share with us. Geeks and nerds of all shapes and sizes, I want you to put on your finest because we are hitting the town. (more…)

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