One Man Lord of the Rings at the Vancouver Fringe Festival

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February 6, 2014

LOTR photo 1Charles Ross once again returns to the Vancouver Fringe with his hit show “One Man Lord of the Rings” (OMLOTR). Charlie may be best known for his other one man show, “One Man Star Wars” (OMSW), which he’s been performing since 2001. OMLOTR premiered back in 2004 with a couple of preview performances at the Waterfront theatre, and had a proper run at the Vancouver Fringe Festival that same year; the same year that Ian McKellen attended a performance, and the same year in which Charlie received a cease and desist letter asking him to stop performances of the show. But even with the legal issues resolved, there was a lengthy period of time in which he couldn’t perform OMLOTR, so it has been a while since it as graced a Vancouver stage. And I, for one, am excited to have it back.

I recently chatted with Charlie, to get some insights in advance of OMLOTRs return to the Vancouver Fringe Festival. (more…)

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Time For The Switch

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December 24, 2013

Upcoming television series The Switch lays claim to the distinction of being the first transgender comedy television show. Ever.

One could easily go into a voluminous essay on the negative and political side of that statement, but let’s keep to the positive. This show is here now (hopefully opening the doors to many more in the future) and The Switch is an entertaining breath of fresh air in many ways. It’s show that is needed. It bridges a number of societal gaps, but has a lot of fun in the process.

I sat down with co-creator and co-star Amy Fox to discuss the ground-breaking series as it prepares to launch its first season.


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Amy Jo Johnson

Interviews, Music, Showcase

December 3, 2013

While many still recognize the Massachusetts native from her earliest role in the long-running Power Rangers series, Amy Jo Johnson has gone to several roles in film and television over her twenty-year career, including hit series like Felicity and most-recently the Canadian police drama Flashpoint. She had also gone on to establish herself as a singer-songwriter with 2001’s The Trans-American Treatment and the live-offering Imperfect.

The multi-talented performer hasn’t stopped there, however. Johnson has now added writer and director to her list of credits with the production of two short films, as well as releasing her latest album Never Broken.

I had the chance to ask a few questions of the now-adopted Canadian about her very busy last couple of years: (more…)

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Doug Jones: The Sky Is Falling

Interviews, Showcase

November 22, 2013

Everyone has likely seen Doug Jones in something. The problem is that few people still know his face. Over his twenty-five year career, the actor has been a mainstay in science-fiction, fantasy and horror films as a wide assortment of creatures or aliens. His unique movements are a signature and his ability to express deep, emotional performances even when covered in inches and pounds of make-up and prosthetics are unparalleled.

And as a bit of a declaration of bias, Doug Jones is one of my favorite actors. I can’t even lie, as unflappable as I usually am I was terribly nervous for this interview. But I kept my professional hat on as best I could.

What made me eager to talk to Doug, however, was while his current -and very interesting- role in the TV series Falling Skies still has him in heavy make-up, Jones has been seeing a recent shift in roles where he is, well, a little more human. Sometimes. (more…)

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Blank Verse: Shakespeare Re-invented

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November 18, 2013

971361_548649381860855_571585594_nWhat would it be like if Shakespeare had not existed until now? How do we define greatness in our modern culture? Who is William Shakespeare?

Those are a few of the questions that gets explored in the new webseries Blank Verse. Set in the modern-day Will Shakespeare (portrayed by Xander Williams) begins his first year in the creative writing program of Bankside University and encounters many of his contemporaries.

I met with series creator and executive producer Amanda Konkin to talk about where the idea came from and how she and her creative team went about exploring the now contemporary bard. (more…)

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