Is DC Comics Ignoring Younger Readers?

Fail, Showcase

August 13, 2013

While at San Diego Comic-Con, comic book writer/artist Paul Pope cited a meeting he had with an unnamed DC Comics executive to pitch a new series based on the classic Jack Kirby character Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth. The executive is reported to have responded: “We don’t publish comics for kids. We publish comics for 45-year-olds.”

I think that’s disappointing to say the least. (more…)

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God of Comics [2013-08-07]

God Of Comics, Reviews

August 11, 2013

This Week: Abe Sapien #5, Avengers AI #2, Black Bat #4, Charismagic #4, Daredevil: Dark Nights #3, Deadpool Kills Deadpool #2, Hunger #2, Kick-Ass 3 #2, Lords of Mars #1, Owl #2, Superior Carnage #2, Trillium #1 (more…)

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God of Comics [2013-07-31]

God Of Comics, Reviews

August 4, 2013

This week: Absolution Rubicon #1-2, Amala’s Blade #1-4, Captain Marvel #14, Death of Captain Marvel TPB, Fearless Defenders #7, Guardians of the Galaxy #4, Lazarus #1-2, Pandora: Trinity of Sin #2, X-Men #3


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God of Comics [2013-07-24]

God Of Comics, Reviews

July 28, 2013

This week: Absolution #0-6, American Jesus TPB, Aquaman #22, Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash #1, Bloodshot #13,  Catwoman #22, Gambit #15, Harbinger #14, Hawkeye Annual #1, Hunger #1, Red Sonja #1, Scarlet Spider #19, Young Avengers #8 (more…)

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God of Comics [2013-07-17]

God Of Comics, Reviews

July 19, 2013

Welcome to a brand spanking new thing we’re doing here on Living Myth Media. See, we’re old school comics geeks. And every week, we go and get comics (single issues mostly online, trades mostly from conventions or Big Pete’s). And every Wednesday we respect Woden, the God of Comics, and we speak of the stories that he, in his greatness, has brought us on twitter.

That’s a preview, though, and there’s time we don’t pick up the things we were looking for or end up picking up things we didn’t talk about on twitter. So, here’s what comics we got this week and what we think about ’em after we the reading.

We rate these things on a five star scale. The first two stars are for art, the second two for story, and the last is based on whether we think this is a gateway comic – is this something we would lend to friends to get them into this series? This is a tricky thing, but if we think it is, then the comic gets this star.

Stars can be broken down into quarters. Two or three stars is an average comic. Anything at four or more stars is of the highest possible quality.

Everyone with us so far? Cool. Onwards goes us.


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Narrative Fail: Mass Effect

Fail, Reviews

May 28, 2013

After a year’s time you’d think the pain of betrayal would fade. You would be wrong.

More than a year after the fact and it still stings, the ache of what could have been as much a slap in the face now as it was then. I’m speaking of Mass Effect, a video game series that capped off a trilogy with a final game release last year. The first two games were excellent, pretty much the best examples of how a video game can tell a story, build a mythology, develop complex characters… this series of games represented the best and most mature possibilities of the medium. (more…)

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Valiant Comics – A Retrospective


March 14, 2013

The late eighties/early nineties were a strange time to be a fan of comics. Burton’s first Batman film had just come out, generating some interest in various comic book properties which would result in a number of awful-to-bad film adaptations (Fantastic Four, Captain America) and decent-to-good video games (X-Men, X-Men Mutant Apocalypse, Batman). The medium itself had garnered some mainstream recognition thanks to some of its more complex works (Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns) but, by and large, was still regarded as fringe or underground at best. (more…)

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Why Is Wonder Woman Difficult?


March 3, 2013

Wonder Woman 01I  don’t get this one at all.

DC Comics is currently going through some growing pains as they try to adopt their intellectual properties into media other than comics – a problem given that they can’t even do that properly most of the time. (more…)

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Justice League of America #1 [Review]


March 1, 2013

DC Comics had a number of well established themes up until very recently. They didn’t have as many flashy titles as Marvel, but their stories tended to be more thought out and their characters were better people, overall. DC  is or maybe was built around the idea of heroes being heroes, and there was a sense of the fantastic and mythic about their stories – everything felt larger than life, people dealing with epic situations while still remaining human and heroes.

The nu52 killed all of that. (more…)

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