God of Comics – Shirtless Bear Fighter! #1

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June 22, 2017

Shirtless Bear Fighter! #1 (Image Comics)

We do a lot of deep delving here at Living Myth Magazine. We try to look at the impact and history of characters and story concepts, what they mean in the context of their time and what they add to the living narrative we all exist within. We look at mature comics and comics that are actually mature, comics meant for kids and teens and adults. We dig into the guts of a thing to learn more about a thing. Subtext is everything. Nothing happens in a vacuum and there’s always more to a story than just the story itself.

Except sometimes… sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes there’s just a naked man in the woods who fights bears.

Shirtless Bear Fighter, they call him. They say he was raised by bears after being found in the woods as an infant, already fully bearded. He grew up among the bears, learning their ways, but he was always an outsider due to his human appearance and great bloody strength. He was raised on flapjacks – never pancakes, just flapjacks – and maple syrup. He fought with the bears to protect the land from human greed… but then something happened. A tragedy.

And now?

Now, he fights bears.

Now, he protects us from the bears.

But the bears have come anyway. They cannot be stopped or reasoned with, devil bears that tear through the puny military might of humankind. Only one man can help us and he might not own clothing. Thankfully, he has a bearplane. And a bearhouse. He can, must, and will fight all of the bears. All of the bears.

Somewhere out there, his adoptive brother awaits: Brother Bear. The mightiest bear that ever lived. A terrifying presence with nothing but contempt for humanity. Brother Bear cannot be stopped or reasoned with. Shirtless Bear Fighter is not sure if can protect us from Brother Bear but he will die trying.

Writers Sebastian Girner and Jody LeHeup dare to bring us the comic retelling of the greatest warrior humankind will ever know: a shirtless man who fights bears. Artists Mike Spicer and Nil Vendrell have the courage needed to render every punch, every kick, every German Suplex. Come. Witness. There is much glory to be had in the tale of Shirtless Bear Fighter!

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God of Comics – Heathen #2

God Of Comics, Reviews

June 21, 2017

Heathen #2 (Vault Comics)

This is the second printing of this comic and I don’t care. You need to know about this comic.

I don’t know how I missed this and it’s another title that I owe knowledge of to Big Pete and his awesome staff (support your local comic shop, guys, you’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t go in). This here comic is rooted in heavy Norse mythology and deals with a curse that Odin laid down on his head Valkyrie, Brynhild, basically trapping her in a ring of fire unless someone could love her purely.

So, one Viking shield maiden – Aydis – takes it upon herself to go and become the shield maiden for this Valkyrie after she’s driven out of her tribe for being a lesbian (her would-be lover is simply married off to some schmuck). This issue finds her on her quest and the other Aesir getting involved because these are Viking gods and they’re not going to sit by and let anything slip past them.

This comic is the best sort of mythic world-building, taking pre-existing mythology and paying heed to it while moving it forward and doing some fascinating things. The Aesir and Vanir and Vikings are all recognizable, but the devil is in the details and this mythology has no place for the devil; there’s simply people both divine and mortal doing the best they can with their whims and ambitions.

Natasha Alterici is writing and drawing this; it’s her first time writing comics but you wouldn’t know it. This title is handled with an expert’s touch for everything, from dialogue to character design. The world she’s made feels rough and worn-in, the characters she’d made strong and fragile and flawed. They’re human, regardless of whatever else they might be. The whole of this comic is tragic and readable and above all perfect, and I can’t recommend this enough.

This is tremendous work and you should be reading it.

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June 20, 2017

We are doing our first live show after a long hiatus of show making… and man is it a doozy!

Tell Me Your Nightmares is a show where we talk about something we all have… NIGHTMARES!

We will be at Seven Dining Loung in Vancouver, BC on July 14th from 7 PM to 11 PM.

There will be special guests and great music by our musical guests The Skeleton Crew

You can have a listen to them below

We will also have two contests! A pyjama contest and an audience nightmare contest. More information will be available on our event page.

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God of Comics – Crosswind #1

God Of Comics, Reviews

June 20, 2017

Crosswind #1 (Image Comics)

It’s a brand new comic that we’re promoting sight unseen for one very important reason: Gail Simone.

Gail is fresh off wrapping up Clean Room, a mind-bending exploration of themes that leaked out of Twin Peaks and Lovecraft and was one of the better high-brow horror comics to simmer in the comic consciousness over the past couple of years. Gail is good at horror: the best comic to rupture out of the enforced grimdark nu52 was her take on Batgirl, which was both grim and dark and led to her run on Red Sonja.

When Red Sonja is the light and happy alternative to Batgirl, DC Comics was doing something wrong. They fixed that, thankfully, and we still have Barbara Gordon dealing with her serial killing brother and a complete take on the Red Sonja legend, so really every world is better off.

Gail is working with artist Cat Staggs, best known for some of the crispest line work you’re going to see in comics. Cat’s worked on a plethora of titles ranging from Indiana Jones to the Avengers to X-Files and Supergirl, and she brings an incredible level of detail and shifting perspectives to each. She’s got a talent for spotting the angles that work best for each tales she works on, and both Gail and Cat have come up with something that sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

We all remember Freaky Friday, right? Or any of that ilk of story, where two minds swap bodies (see also Farscape, because everyone should see Farscape)? It happens to people in fiction sometimes – Wolverine and Spider-man, for example. In this comic, it’s happening to a deadly Mafia hitman working out of Chicago and a random but downtrodden housewife.

So, good-person housewife is in the body of a killer and is going to have to deal with his politics and problems. The hitman is in the body of a housewife in a bad relationship and a bad place, and his tolerance for all of that is probably not going to be great. The reason for the swap is something they’re both going to have to discover but after Clean Room, well, I’ve already bought the ticket and I’m here for the ride.

You should be, too. This is going to be awesome.

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Review: Instant Theatre – Shakespeare After Dark! The Anniversary Show

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June 19, 2017

With uproarious laughter and perfect comic timing, the audience was transfixed by what they saw. We had an audience with “The Bard” himself, Bartitsu and rapier fighting by Affair of Honor, an Elizabethan complements contest, an insult battle with pirate ships and pickle juice as the main insult components and Matheson the best drunk thespian they could summon.  Shakespeare After Dark is very close to being sorcery on its own, but they pull some serious magic Saturday night.  We can’t say this enough but this is absolutely some of the best improv you can see in the city.

Good and gentle bards soothed us with classic chamber music throughout the evening. Photo Credit Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

Producer Chelsey Stuyt welcomes the audience and introduces us to the players. Photo Credit Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

Joel Cottingham as William Shakespeare was our host! “I might call him / A thing divine, for nothing natural / I ever saw so noble.” – The Tempest Photo Credit Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

A packed house! Full of merry gentles! Photo Credit Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

Affair of Honor showing us stunningly choreographed Bartitsu Photo Credit Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

A fair maiden receiving compliments Photo Credit By Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

They were wooing her real good Photo Credit By Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

Pirates vs. Pickle Juice might foes in insults Photo Credit By Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

Affair of Honor and their endless rapier duel Photo Credit By Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

It would be Shakespeare After Dark without a drunk actor. Matheson was our man of the evening. Photo Credit By Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

“I’M A DRAGON” Photo Credit By Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

A man armed with mead is as dangerous as a man armed with sword Photo Credit By Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

Like all good Shakespearean tragedies… There is a lot of death. Photo Credit By Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

Like … a lot of death… Photo Credit By Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

Did we mention there was death? Because there was. Photo Credit By Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

Standing Ovation! Photo Credit By Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

Chelsey bidding us a gentle night and merry revelry. Photo Credit By Peter Joseph for Living Myth Magazine

Our contest winners enjoying alcohol and snacks!

Congratulations Instant Theatre on a successful and hilarious Shakespeare After Dark!  If you want to catch their next show it will be at The Havana on July 22nd.


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God of Comics: Martian Manhunter / Marvin the Martian Special #1

God Of Comics, Reviews

June 19, 2017

Martian Manhunter / Marvin the Martian Special #1 (DC Comics)

Alright, two quick things to begin the week.

The first? We were sort of swamping our feed and page with comics every Wednesday. Our reasons for this were honest: Wednesday is when new comics hit the stands and we wanted to share some stuff that we thought was cool, but it’s overwhelming the way we were doing it. We’re gonna spread the love throughout the week. Make this a little more palatable.

And two: DC Comics is doing a crossover with some of their biggest characters and the classic Looney Toons this month. There’s gonna be a host of these things and their chalk-full of comic madness, the sort of thing that Marvel missed the boat on with their whole chaos thing a few years back. They missed the boat: Nazi Steve Rogers could have done a whole thing with Donald Duck.

So, good on DC for seeing this opportunity and nabbing it. Even better on DC Comics for making the most of the chance by putting some damn fine writers and artists on the project – the likes of Steve Orlando and Frank J. Barbiere and Jim Fanning on writing, John Loter and Jerome K. Moore on art. All of them are excellent and so is this comic.

It’s a tale told in two parts, one in DC style and one like a classic cartoon.

The DC-style story is comic tragedy, the sort of tale that easily fits into continuity without any issues. J’onn, the Martian Manhunter, becomes aware of an extra-dimensional telepathic message being sent to Martians, and he builds a gate to answer it. He’s met by the last Martian of a different dimension – Marvin – and the two greet one another as friends with sympathy and respect.

J’onn is then horrified to learn that Marvin is there to murder every last human.

Marvin tells of how the humans of his home dimension ruined everything, giving into greed and destroying their own ecology and one another, and when the Martians tried to help them they did the same to the Martians until only Marvin was left. J’onn tries to tell him his humans aren’t like that but Marvin isn’t taking any chances, and every effort J’onn makes to stop the destruction Marvin causes is met with hostility by the humans he’s trying to protect.

It’s great and poignant and ends with J’onn sending Marvin home and trying to make peace with the humans he’s just saved and starts both humanity and J’onn down a path of greater understanding.

The Looney Toons story focuses on Marvin trying to destroy Earth because it obscures his view of Venus only to run into the Martian Manhunter. Here, Marvin is driven to madness by the lack of power he has when compared to J’onn, who is another Martian. It’s all kinds of great.

It’s two high-quality comics for the price of one, and as of this publication (2017-06-19), it’s on shelves. Get into your comic shop and grab it, because this sort of comic magic is a rarity and you’re going to want to read it for yourself.

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Review: Instant Threatre – The LAB Presents The Cult

Comedy, Culture, Events, Improv, Performance, Reviews

June 15, 2017

Shawn Norman as The Cults leader

Welcome to the Family! The Cult is an improvised mockumentary featuring live interviews with ex-members and never-before-seen “footage” of life in a cult that we invent on the spot based on your suggestion! Just like a real cult, we’ll seduce you with all the good stuff: beautiful people, a charismatic (if narcissistic) leader, promises of secret knowledge and free love, and of course — all the sweet sweet Koolaid you can drink! The only difference is we’ll let you go home after…if you even want to.

With: Shawn Norman, Shane McLean, Julianne Hoyak, Kai Rudell, William Dunn, Janet Davidson, Geoff Walters, Julia Lank  Host/Filmmaker: Tia Glenn-Cooke

The brainchild of Tia Glenn-Cooke, The Cult brings forth the seedy underbelly of cults. Because this is improv the story is different every time… but the story of cults are usually the same. A charismatic leader, lies, deceit and of course the realisation that the leader is a monster. It is beautiful and if you ever have a chance to join the cult of THE CULT… drink the Kool-Aid.

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Review: Lord of the Schwings: A Tolkien Burlesque Night at the Rio! by Kitty Glitter and Geekenders

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June 15, 2017

 This was a great show! Full of a love of the mythology and respect for the fandom,”Lord of the Schwings: A Tolkien Burlesque Night” gave the audience an epic quest and an epic burly-boner. Filled with the type of things a good show should have jokes, jiggles and just plain fun.
Our host(ess) for the night was Lady Galadriel played by Seamus Fit-It-In who was transcendent and regal. Photo Credit Zemekiss Photography

Poutina Turner and Kitty Glitter playing Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee Photo Credit Zemekiss Photography

Jacob Woike and Jayne Fondue as Legolas and Gimli Photo Credit Zemekiss Photography

Sasja Smolders as Gandalf giving us some hot bearded wizard seduction. Photo Credit By Zemekiss Photography

“THE HAVE FIRE” Was gleefully screamed as we saw Lola Loops as Lord Sauron spin fire hoops the crowd was immediately turned up to 11 with excitement.  Photo Credit Zemekiss Photography

Vixen Von Flex as Balrog Photo Credit By Zemekiss Photography

Andrew Lynch as Pippin and Neville Powerbottom as Merry Photo Credit By Zemekiss Photography

Draco Muff-Boi as Gollum Photo Credit Photography

Kitty Glitter as Sam’s Taters Photo Credit By Zemekiss Photography

Trixie Hobbitses as Treebeard the Ent doing the longest tease ever Photo Credit By Zemekiss Photography

Ginger Femmecat as Arwen Photo Credit By Zemekiss Photography

Twerk Du Soleil as Shelob spraying silk over the audience Photo Credit By Zemekiss Photography

Orcs! Photo Credit By Zemekiss Photography

We also had the chance to talk to the producer of the show Kitty Glitter 
LMM: How long have you been working with Geekenders?
KG: I have been working with Geekenders ever since Jurassic Parody: The Musical (in October 2015). I saw the auditions listed online and knew I HAD to be in the show… It’s one of my favourite movies!
LMM: How do you pick the shows you produce?
KG: Most of the shows are picked about a year in advance. I have been involved with the company for a while now, and Fairlith Harvey (Owner/ Artistic Director of Geekenders)  trusts that I can put on a good show, so I am able to write my own shows (Mischief Managed, Lord of the Schwings), with help from my fiance, Seamus Fit-It-In.
LMM: Why Lord of The Rings?
KG: Why LOTR? Lord of the Rings has always been one of my favourite trilogies. It’s something that my entire generation has grown up with and loves unconditionally. The characters are so well known, and diverse. I knew we would be able to sell it out because pretty much everyone you talk to knows Lord of the Rings and loves it. Also, who doesn’t want to see Legolas strip?
LMM: Do you have any FAR OUR WEIRD ideas that you want to do but you are unsure if they would work?
KG: I have this idea of a men’s only burlesque show… but I feel like it might be hard to sell out. Seamus Fit-It-In and I are actually putting together a Tenacious D Burlesque Tribute show, which will be September 1st at the Rio Theatre. It’s also a bit of a “niche” crowd, but we hope that the fans are willing to come out to the show! We will have the “Hot & Heavy Band” playing all the songs live, and some heavy duty performers, so we know it’s going to be incredible.
LMM: What advice do you have for those who want to go into burlesque?
KG: My advice for people wanting to get into burlesque is first… GO SEE ALL THE SHOWS! You will learn so much. Also, take classes! Even if you think you are amazing, there is always something to learn. There are lots of classes around town… such as Burgundy Brixx’s “School of Tease” (
LMM: If you had 20$ to spend at an airport what would you spend it on?
KG: $20 at an airport? Easy. Mini Eggs
LMM: Are their shows you want to promote either your own or others?
KG: Shows to Promote:

Harry Potter’s Burlesque Birthday Party – July 31 at the Rio Theatre
Lord of the Schwings REMOUNT – August 18 at the Rio TheatreTenacious D Burlesque Tribute with the Hot & Heavy Band – September 1st at the Rio Theatre


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Gentlemen Hecklers present Hackers

Comedy, Events, film

June 14, 2017

Throughout the dark decade we know call the nineties, Hollywood seemed mystified by this weird piece of technology called computers. They weren’t sure what computers could do, but they were sure old people were scared of them and young people seemed to love them. The result was a mixed bag of movies that tried to capture the essence of those fears: thrillers like the Net, Antitrust, and Enemy of the State showed conservatives their fears of big government and crime, making those conservatives push an agenda that resulted in big government and crime.

At the same time, Hollywood also festered titles like Harry Met Sally on the general public because America Online was a thing once upon a time and had a studio that could afford to make a movie that was basically a giant commercial. Hey, it worked for Nintendo, and Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are infinitely better than Fred Savage.

Never content to rest on their laurels, though, Hollywood also wanted to appeal to the kids who liked the whole computer thing. This resulted in the single most accurate piece of media regarding computers and the capabilities of the internet ever made, a little movie called Hackers.

Forget the thought-provoking questions asked by media like Person of Interest or the dedication to craft evidenced by Mr. Robot – Hackers embodied that sense of wonder we all had about what computers and internet meant. Computers and internet were going to save us from the forces of old and evil. We would Hack The Planet. We would rollerblade to victory to an awesome soundtrack and have confusing dreams about Angelina Jolie.

We would do everything in our power to end the evil that is Wall Street.

More interestingly, we knew that the forces of old would join the forces of evil in blaming us for trying to save them, so… culturally, this movie got it. It captures the essence of what being a kid in the nineties was, that neon sense of black-lit adventure and hope that would later be crushed and ground into nothing by a decaying world.

No wonder, then, that the Gentlemen Hecklers have decided to turn their attention to this film.

Fresh off their stint of writing for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 relaunch, Eric Fell, Shaun Stuart, and Patrick Mahlia return to the Rio Theater to crack down on one of the best worst movies ever made. For one night only, June 14th in the year 2017, the three of them will heckle greatness and we will all love them for it.

Doors open at eight, show starts at nine. You can buy tickets by clicking here, or pay $14 at the door. The choice is yours, but if you live in Vancouver? This is what you should be doing tonight.

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God of Comics – Tomboy #11

God Of Comics, Reviews

June 13, 2017

Tomboy #11 (Action Lab Entertainment)

Intended for mature audiences. No shit. Let us count the ways.

Tomboy is a comic about a magical girl in the real world fighting government and corporate corruption. It’s a bloody mess that happens to be juxtaposed against a cute bright art style that makes the violence much more horrific on every level. And there is some terrible violence here, as a corporation has poisoned a town and paid off the government and might also have a god on their side because the magical girl is a god and doesn’t know it yet.

This comic is complex, guys. It’s probably the best thing to come out of Action Lab, which is nothing to sneeze at – Action Lab has some amazing stuff and amazing titles, ranging from Miraculous to Archon to Princeless, but Tomboy holds a special place in my heart.

Writer Mia Goodwin has spent her time on this title slowly building a complex mythology and world that feels like ours, only overlaid with some external and subtle force that is only just beginning to creep back into the edges of reality. The few in the know are manipulating forces far beyond their comprehension for their own ends, while other powers quietly move around the world to carry out their own ambitions.

Meanwhile, a mad god has been reborn in the body of a teenage girl and is hunting down the evils around her and exacting a terrible price for that evil but now everything is coming to a head and I need this is trade, Action Lab, I need trades of this comic the same way that I need oxygen or coffee.

Every last character has been expertly drawn out so that we have an emotional investment in everyone, and the art does a masterful job of conveying the passions of this world and everyone in it. We’re working towards what feels like a climactic bloodbath and this is one of those comics you’re going to want to read beginning to end. Hunt down those back issues and crack ’em open; this comic is worth the effort.

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