eSports – the Next Big Thing?


July 17, 2013

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of attending Lancouver, and you can read our coverage of what went on there here. A big part of that event was the popular and free-to-play – new school shareware – game League of Legends. The game itself possesses detailed strategies, with professional players from around the world competing in private leagues that have gained an incredible degree of popularity.

And now, just this past weekend, the government of the United State of America has recognized that those professional players are, in fact, professional athletes. (more…)

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LANcouver 2013


LANcouver 2013, BYOC and Game On

Games, Showcase

July 13, 2013

LANcouver 2013 is rocking this weekend.

Lancouver sold out event is showing the Vancouver gaming community just how much they have to give. For the last 9 years running, the sponsors get better, the turn out gets larger and most of all, the gamers are much, much harder to beat.

For you newcomers to gaming, yes we know who you are. LAN parties have been going on for over adecade and now they are opening doors for gaming as a profession. This years’ event will have everything a gamer could need. Energy drinks, seminars and sponsor product demos, as well as panel discussions and special events. E-sporting at its finest. (more…)

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