Revenge of the Truth

Opinion, The Truth

January 3, 2013

Revenge. That’s kind of a loaded word. Revenge. But it fits.

Last week, we talked about why and how integrity was replaced with bullshit journalism. It was a fun little piece that I’m sure upset quite a few people. So, now, let’s talk about what happens when the other shoe drops.


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Bullshit Journalism

Opinion, The Truth

January 2, 2013

You might not know this, but at one point news was supposed to be objective.

Well, as objective as possible – true objectivity is impossible, as we’re all the sum of our perspectives and experiences. The news has always been slanted for or towards its audience, not really telling people anything they don’t want to hear. We don’t want to know that whatever bad guys we’re fighting are like us, and we don’t want to know that our comforts come at a cost. Fair enough. (more…)

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