Paradigm Shifts Happen

Opinion, The Truth

January 13, 2013

Last time, we touched on the idea of paradigm shift. This is actually some pretty heady stuff, but it’s a concept that needs to be addressed.

See, the world changes. Our understanding of the world changes. We are not the apex of human thought or evolution, and not even necessarily the apex of human thought or evolution throughout history. Our species is in a constant state of flux and our understanding of the world goes with it.

We’re doing things now that would have been considered impossible five hundred years before now, and it’s likely we’ll be doing things five hundred years down the line that we currently believe are impossible. We laugh at our forebears’ understanding of reality and their simple moralities, but our descendants will laugh at ours, so try not to judge what came before you without considering the time in which those understandings and moralities came from. (more…)

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Integrity and Truth in the New Mythic Age

Opinion, The Truth

January 10, 2013

What do we mean when we talk about truth and integrity, especially in regards to myth, and really super especially in regards to the internet? Isn’t myth, by definition, a lie? Doesn’t the internet destroy integrity by allowing for anonymity?

One would think it would, especially if following Industrial Revolution paradigms. We’ve been taught that it was humankind’s domination and taming of minerals that defined the various eras of history, but this myth was invented during the advent of that revolution and continues to be ingrained into us today. We went from stone to bronze to iron to steel and, hey, that’s everything, right? The refinement of minerals is what makes our society work, except if that were still the case there’d probably be means of mineral refinement in our most advanced cities. (more…)

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Revenge of the Truth

Opinion, The Truth

January 3, 2013

Revenge. That’s kind of a loaded word. Revenge. But it fits.

Last week, we talked about why and how integrity was replaced with bullshit journalism. It was a fun little piece that I’m sure upset quite a few people. So, now, let’s talk about what happens when the other shoe drops.


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Bullshit Journalism

Opinion, The Truth

January 2, 2013

You might not know this, but at one point news was supposed to be objective.

Well, as objective as possible – true objectivity is impossible, as we’re all the sum of our perspectives and experiences. The news has always been slanted for or towards its audience, not really telling people anything they don’t want to hear. We don’t want to know that whatever bad guys we’re fighting are like us, and we don’t want to know that our comforts come at a cost. Fair enough. (more…)

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