San Diego – Day the First


July 9, 2015

First of all, thank you to the weather gods so far! The weather at home has been so ridiculously warm that Southern California feels positively temperate. I mean, sure, I’m still sweating like a pig, but I don’t notice as much, you know? And it’s a con… at some point you just have to stop caring about being gross and disgusting and just go with it.

20150709_152756Where to start? Thursday is probably the quietest day of the con, but with the seemingly endless sea of humanity everywhere, you wouldn’t know it. I shake my fist at everyone who thinks it is a good idea to try and drive a car anywhere near the convention centre. Seriously people, what *are* you thinking?

So, a brief recap…

SDCC wouldn’t be complete without protesters. I’m not exactly sure how enjoying comics / television/ movies / anime means that we’re going to burn in a pit of eternal torment, but I’m not about to poke the bear and ask the question. I’ve got better things to do with my time. But the presence of protesters means that there will be people there to counter the protesters, and they’re pretty much guaranteed to be full of win. Like this dude.

20150709_115607And how awesome is NerdHQ this year? The answer of course, is full of awesome. Especially the nerdunteers. Shout out to all the NerdHQrew! I was lucky enough to attend the William Shatner panel, which I have a feeling might end up being the highlight of my convention. I mean, come on, you can’t top lap sitting! I don’t think that is what this guy was expecting when he got to ask the first question.


Overall, the venue this year is a little smaller, which returns things to a slightly more intimate feeling. It is more reminiscent of the first two years, before they took over Petco. There are some gaming areas, and Star Wars Battlefront has a pretty big presence. And come on, where else can you happen to capture a picture of Batman on a snow speeder? 20150709_152425The dance area is pretty small, so I’m going to have to turn up early to get my groove on. The Nerd Machine dance parties are always the place to be. Just remember to stay hydrated folks! And the presence of food trucks outside means snacks aren’t far away.

20150709_123814I wanted to check out Nerdist’s Conival, but MTV has a thing going on in Petco as well, and there was a massive line trying to get in. Hoping to get over there tomorrow morning.

Until then, I’m resting my dancing feet!

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NerdHQ 2015 – Why is it awesome?


July 2, 2015

NERD_HQ_LOGO_050815-1024x806Let’s face it – SDCC has become a frenzy. From trying to get passes, to crossing every possible appendage for luck in the hotel lottery, to then waiting in seemingly endless lines once you get in  – SDCC has probably caused more than a few stress ulcers. And this is what worries me about the state of SDCC… it is becoming all too much. As the years creep on, the idea of camping out on the pavement for hours seems entirely unappealing. Getting into a popular panel at SDCC is becoming the domain of the young, and perhaps a few older folks who don’t have bad backs or creaky knees. Having started going to SDCC at a time when you could still walk up to the door to buy a ticket, the sense of family I used to feel when attending just doesn’t seem to be there anymore; it’s now just a sea of humanity, which is probably part of the reason why so many off site events have been popping up. Nerdist and Geek & Sundry have expanded their presence this year, and I’m definitely looking forward to checking them out… but the place to be remains the Nerd Machine’s NerdHQ.

For those of you who don’t follow all the events around SDCC, NerdHQ is not affiliated with SDCC and remains a separate event. This year, it is being held at the New Children’s Museum, and features “exclusive gaming and tech activations”, as well as the ever popular dance parties. But the best part of NerdHQ are the panels. NerdHQ boasts the “Conversations for a Cause”; intimate celeb panels, where all the money raised goes towards supporting Operation Smile. So why go wait in line for hours to see the cast of Orphan Black or Supernatural, when you can buy a ticket for a reserved seat and see them in a room with less than 300 other people? It’s a win win all around.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that getting into a panel at NerdHQ is an easy, stress free task. Announced panels went on sale this morning, every 15 minutes. Demand far, FAR exceeded supply. Gone are the days when 6 minutes was considered a fast sellout. Now, if you don’t refresh at just the right millisecond, you’re SOL. And as everyone who had a ticket in their cart that then disappeared can attest to – it can be a bit of a gut wrenching experience. But for those lucky enough to get a panel ticket (or 2, or 8), you’re in for a helluva ride. And for those not able to get a panel ticket, this year, IGN is streaming all the panels live!


The one thing that is especially present at NerdHQ is the sense of community that permeates the entire event. We’re one big giant nerd family – and I don’t think anything demonstrates it more than those who pay it forward. At the second NerdHQ, I was at the first Nathan Fillion panel where he started to auction things off. One girl was desperate for an item, but kept being outbid and didn’t have the funds to go higher. The entire audience banded together to raise money for her to buy a T-shirt – a true act of fellow nerd love. And last year… she paid it forward. At one of the Nathan panels, she used the exact same amount she had received previously to purchase an item for someone else in the audience. I may have gotten a few sniffles in that moment. And I don’t think any other event could dream of getting such awesome and dedicated volunteers as those who run NerdHQ, as the event would NOT happen without them. Last year, not only were many volunteers treated to a round of drinks afterwards by attendees who just wanted express their appreciation, but many were stopped on the street or in elevators by people who just wanted to say “thank you”. And THAT is one of the purest expressions of nerd love that I’ll think you’ll find.


Will I be there with bells on again this year? Absolutely. Ok, so not *literally*… bells are noisy. But I got a ticket to see William Shatner, so my convention is pretty much made. I mean really, WILLIAM. Freaking. SHATNER. In a room that seats around 200 folks. I don’t think it gets better than that!

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Anne Honeycutt discusses Northwest Fan Fest

Interviews, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

May 17, 2015

Anne Honeycutt is one of the most outspoken and wise members of the Vancouver Geek Community, a frequent debater for West Coast Geeks vs. Nerds, and one of those people that loves Northwest Fan Fest so much that she’s involved (secretly) behind the scenes. Here’s what she’s got to say about that… 
Anne Honeycutt 02
LMM: What does fandom mean to you?
Anne Honeycutt: Fandom means Family. I spent most of my life being “weird”. I am not weird anymore. I have found an amazing community of people that love the things I love. I can sit anywhere at Northwest FanFest and be able to tell someone I love their Harley Quinn cosplay and be able to talk about the intricacies of large mallet construnction and then after that I can bump into someone at a panel about geek girl culture and have a conversation about how important Arya and Sansa Stark are.
LMM: How has being apart of the fandom affected your life?
Anne Honeycutt: I was raised in geek culture. I went to conventions as a child. Grew up with parents who played DnD and Klingon was my first language. Fandom is my life. It is how I was raised. Find something you are into and obsess. Life is nothing if you don’t have passion.
LMM: What kind of impact do events like Northwest Fan Fest have for the fandom?
Anne Honeycutt: Well, it shows that you are a) not alone. b) that you can find your “tribe” and that no matter what you are into you are going to at least find one other person who likes what you like and the level you like it. c) It strengthens community. The panels at FanFest are diverse and community driven. The shows at FanFest are diverse and community driven.
LMM: What’s your favorite part of Fan Fest?
Anne Honeycutt: Last year, my favourite part of it was just hanging out in line for things. I was cosplaying as DJ Hello Kitty and my bestie was cosplaying as a member of DaftPunk and we started line raves. This year, I am excited for the chance to do panels myself and then also the VIP afterparty.
LMM: Who are you excited to see at Northwest Fan Fest?
Anne Honeycutt: Improv Against Humanity, Westcoast Geeks vs. Nerds, MissingNo, Reboot Musical, Tom Cook, Andy Rae Cosplay, and Kayla Rose Cosplay. AND ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO WILL BE ATTENDING!
LMM: How would you get somebody who has never heard of it to come out?
Anne Honeycutt: Little kids cosplay contest will prove to be the most adorable thing ever. If you don’t like children in cosplay.. then think of all of the adults in cosplay. And if you don’t like cosplay. we have gaming! and we have ALL THE THINGS! Just come, if you don’t like it.. you can tell me about it and I will give you a hug.

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Robert V discusses Northwest Fan Fest

Interviews, Lifestyle

May 16, 2015

Robert VRobert V is a local cosplay icon who has used the craft and art to keep a strong relationship with his son. Northwest Fan Fest is proud to have him as a guest and we got a chance to speak with him leading up to the event. 
LMM: What does fandom mean to you?
Robert V: (it) Means looking at all the kids’ faces when they see their favorite action hero or artist in front of them.
LMM: How do you explain that to people not in the know?
Robert V:You get to see all these artists and their art all come together and enjoy a weekend of fun, art, and knowledge.
LMM: How has being a part of the fandom affected your life?
Robert V: It brings me and my kid together to do something we both enjoy.
LMM: What kind of impact do events like Northwest Fan Fest have for the fandom?
Robert V:It has a big impact because it keeps kids interested in it art instead of being out in the streets getting in trouble.
LMM: What’s your favorite part of Fan Fest?
Robert V:It’s the full experience of the artist, cosplay characters, and art.
LMM: Who are you excited to see at NWFF?
Robert V:Desu Dolls, Ghostbusters and new cosplay friends.
LMM: How would you get somebody who has never heard of it to come out?
Robert V: I would explain to them how much fun I have with my son looking at all the art and talent of everyone and how (much) they would enjoy it with their kids.

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Hellboy and Rouge’s Red Right Hand – Pop Culture and Hops

Lifestyle, Opinion

February 20, 2015

This month represents the 21st anniversary of Mike Mignola’s introduction of Hellboy to the world. Since it was created, it has branched in to a series of ongoing comics – including several spin-offs, two pretty damned awesome movies featuring the directorial talent of Guillermo Del Toro, and a whole whack of branded items from toys to cigarette lighters. To celebrate “Big Red” becoming legal drinking age, the lovely people at Rouge have created a signature label which is currently available for pre-order.


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Fifty Shades of Do Not Want

Books & Writing, Fail, Lifestyle, Showcase, The Truth

February 13, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey is a textbook for abuse. It terrifies me that people are going to read this book or see this movie and think that this is an okay way to act, that any of the things that Christian Grey does are even the slightest shade of okay. They aren’t. As a fantasy, it’s alright – but this isn’t being portrayed as fantasy, it’s being portrayed as a blueprint and a relationship to aspire to.


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Brain Teasers Looks to a New Community Night for Nerds

Lifestyle, Opinion

January 27, 2015


(Image care of the Brain Teaser Facebook Page)

The Vancouver nerd-community seems divided into two halves, if the conversations I have with friends who identify as ‘nerd’ are any indication. One group is completely unaware of the bustling hive of nerd-activity that Vancouver is, and the second half feels overwhelmed by the amount of options we have for nerdy nights out.


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Why Feminism Matters

Lifestyle, Opinion, The Truth

January 6, 2015

Feminism. It’s somehow become a dirty word. People shy away from the sound of the word, from the label, treating the term like an invective or an insult. Feminism. To be labeled a feminist is be called a man-hater, to say that men’s struggles count as nothing. (more…)

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Bill Nye the Science Guy Live in Vancouver

Heroes of the Living Myth, Lifestyle, Opinion, Reviews, The Truth

December 24, 2014

Growing up in the 90s, there were a fair amount of influences in my life, though, to be honest, most of them were animated. There was just one, however, that crossed over from my spare time into my high school curriculum: the works of Billy Nye the Science Guy. Our science teacher used to put his videos on nearly every day in science, chemistry, and physics, not because he was a lazy teacher, but because Bill Nye shared his enthusiasm for science and could display it in a more entertaining fashion. (more…)

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Sony Hack Ends in Terrorist Win, What Does That Mean?

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December 19, 2014

Over the last few weeks, we have all bared witness to a simply unprecedented attack: A group of hackers, believed to be based out of North Korea, has essentially been holding Sony hostage by digital gun-point. Terabytes of data were stolen and subsequently released online, detailing intimate details about the company’s inner working including personal data on their employees. It is an event unlike any other that has been affectionately referred to as the Sony Hack. (more…)

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