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The Lie of Genre

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February 11, 2013

“It isn’t bad for a genre book.”

I loathe hearing that. I loathe the casual dismissal of quality based on the idea of genre, this bullshit superiority some people get over the trappings of a story rather than the story itself. And it’s always bullshit, because good stories stand the test of time and the critics that whip out this haughty and meaningless old gem are always forgotten.

You get this crap a lot in literary circles, this idea that your work somehow loses significance because of the trappings of story, like somehow story is made less because of the inclusion of some genre specific trope. Industrial Age critics dismiss fantasy and science-fiction and horror as genre, and smirk a little, and then go on to speak of the literary greats, like Tolkien and Wells and Stoker… who were into fantasy and science fiction and horror. (more…)

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Interview with an Author

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January 7, 2013

Aaron Golden – co-founder of Living Myth Media, writer, dreamer, and lover of Mango.  I sat down to talk with him about his ideas on writing and discovered that writing is really just the tool he uses the most for his real passion.  Building narrative and crafting stories, these are the driving purposes that define him.  Aaron asserts that narrative is the framework we use to make sense of our existence; our lives are stories, he says, and we use archetypes of them as a template for our social roles, theological systems, even our values. He claims that these concepts are based on a kind of story we have create over the course of our lives.  When looking at stories from this perspective, they become far more than just entertainment; they become the seeds of creation. The transformative power in hearing a story is well-known and that is what drives Aaron to write, and while writing might be the word, in the beginning there was the storyteller.


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