Dark Nexus Arena


July 21, 2015

Dark Nexus Arena has blown our collective minds. This is a big deal – Games Workshop might have done something good for once and let’s not kid ourselves – Warhammer 40k video games, by and large, suck. They’re pretty much universally terrible, despised by reviewers and fans of gaming and the franchise alike, seen as nothing more than cash grabs with maybe a passing respect for either gaming or the lore but never both. Every time a new game is announced we still come around, hoping not to be sorely disappointed yet again by an inferior product given maybe a passable paint job over a rotten core.


Conversely, this is one of the reasons we love Whitebox Interactive. They love Warhammer 40k as much as we do, and there’s not a single table in the dev pit that isn’t littered with paint, codex books, models, and art work. In those quiet moments before the dev team trickles in, the office looks like a gathering of fans that have come together to share tips and play some table top.

Whitebox Interactive Office Decorations

Even after the offices fill up, there’s banter about the armies and their strengths and weaknesses, arguments over color schemes, heated discussions about bits of the lore. It’s pretty great, and lets us know that these are people that love Warhammer 40k as much as we do.

It’s a good place to start understanding why the game is so damn playable.

We’ve been part of the beta testing team for a few weeks now, delving into the depths of the characters on offer and learning the mechanics of the game. We sit in, mostly, but the hardcore mechanics are there, melded with the lore in such a way that the whole experience traps you and feels authentic.

play testing Dark Nexus Arena

Dark Nexus Arena isn’t a Warhammer 40k MOBA; it’s what every Warhammer 40k video game dreams of being when it grows up. It’s not even a real MOBA, not as they’re currently understood. DNA is to the fastest growing genre in video games what Doom was to the first person shooter in the early nineties – such a giant leap forward in technology and application that every other game feels like a fading echo.

Here’s why:

MOBAs grew out of real time strategy games. They started as Warcraft III hacks. A lot of the control mechanisms are still designed around real time strategy, when the simple truth is that interface is dated and has no place in the modern scene. It’s a vestigial organ that DNA does away with, giving us complete control over our character in a way that is both intuitive and groundbreaking.

Warhammer 40k has developed the most complex lore in all of gaming. Starcraft? Warcraft? Diablo? Cool games with interesting lore that they cribbed from Game Workshop. Amazing how the Tyranids / Zerg and the Eldar / Protoss are still invading Imperium / Terran territories, isn’t it? Forsake? Vampire Counts. Prime Evils? Gods of Chaos, C’Tan, take your pick. And they’re not the only ones that have done this.

The point is, everyone cribs off the grandaddy of them all, and everyone falls short of capturing the true scope and majesty that Warhammer 40k brings to the table. The technology was never there to grasp it until this very second. Because here’s the truth: Whitebox Interactive has done it. Every faction. Every major character type. Everything. It’s all in this game, it’s all drawn from the lore, and it is perfect.

Now, we should note that one game came close – Dawn of War. A game that came out of the now defunct real time strategy genre, it brought all the armies to the table. Every faction was represented, and it added an engaging story that drew on the lore Games workshop has established to tell a hell of a story. It’s PvP was some of best of its time, but it failed to take advantage of one of the best and biggest parts of Warhammer 40k. It did not give you the ability to customize your army.

Customization has been a part of Warhammer 40k from the get go. Creativity is a big part of that culture, and that customization has recently found a place in video game lore. From the create-a-wrestler modes of the wrestling games to the hats of Team Fortress to the conversational models of Dragon Age and Mass Effect, a personal experience has become part of what video gamers crave. Dawn of War couldn’t give them that. Dark Nexus Arena can.

Over sixty character types are planned at present. Each character has 5 basic skins for players to choose from, and every skin can be customized with symbols or colors of everything – armor, weapons, symbols, even explosions and attacks. There is no part of the player’s character that cannot be customized to fit the player’s taste, making each character as unique as the player wishes.

Better still, there’s no need to invest in characters the player isn’t interested in. Real time strategies forced you to manage resources so that you could get to the characters you wanted to play with, whereas Dark Nexus Arena starts you off with what you want. No wasted time. No milling about, farming, prolonging the experience. No, this is exactly what you crave from start to finish.


Yeah, sure, there’s only Orks and Tau and some Imperium in play now, but we’re starting to see the Chaos and Necrons that Whitebox Interactive has planned, and they’ll blow you away with their detail and differences in play. We’ve only seen them being tested, but we can’t wait to get our mitts on them and rampage through the Dark Nexus Arena with them, and we wait with baited breath to see what Whitebox Interactive plans on unleashing next.

As Games Workshop abandons an expansion of lore for the quick cash grab of ever more expensive models, Whitebox Interactive has picked up the torch to provide a lore-intensive, intuitive, and immersive experience. They have the love of the lore and skill of development, and they’ve combined both to make a game that is going to rock the grim darkness of the future, there is every other MOBA vying for second, and Dark Nexus Arena shining like the favored Primarch of the God Emperor himself.


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Roll for Crit – Dixit

roll for crit, Videos

July 17, 2015

Strange things about to come out of our mouths, as we try to get each other to guess which card we played in Dixit! Wanna know how to play? The cool kids from Roll to Crit have you covered:

And here’s what the game looks like when you’re playing it, and this one? This is is great:

You are intrigued, no? You wish to play the game. You need to. You must. Click here to purchase this best of all games and check out the expansions that have come out to make it even better…!

Buy Dixit from the store page:
The Roll for Crit homepage:
And go say hi to them fine folks on twitter:



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Nerdcouver Comics Episode 10

nerdcouver, Opinion, Reviews, Videos

July 7, 2015

Those kooky kids from Nerdcouver filmed Episode 10 this past Wednesday, which was Canada Day! Yay, Canada!

Naturally, they had to talk about the new comics series, “We Stand On Guard,” which is set in a futuristic Canada overtaken by America, where they won the upcoming mech duel with Japan and went a little conquer crazy!

The Nerdcouver crew also talks about The Spire, The Woods, Princess Leia, Deadly Class, Groot, Squirrel Girl, and X-O Manowar.


Nerdcouver is and can be found at:

Aaron Golden @lastswann

Jenna Táralóm @novavandorwolf

Nathan Rayes @natemayes

Reva Dawn @maplebunnie


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Roll for Crit – Hanabi

Culture, Game Review, Reviews, roll for crit, Videos

July 6, 2015

The pressure is on in this exciting and stressful card game all about putting on a fireworks show. See how far the cool cats from Roll for Crit can manage to bend the rules without breaking them in Hanabi!


And here’s how to play:


Buy Hanabi from the Store page:
The Roll for Crit homepage:
And go say hi to them fine folks on twitter:



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Roll for Crit – Legendary

Reviews, roll for crit

June 30, 2015

Jonathan commands the forces of Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic, and Ultron in an attempt to thwart the sinister Mole Man. It’s the Roll for Crit playthrough of the solo mode for Marvel: A Legendary Deck Building Game!

Buy Legendary
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Nerdcouver Episode 008

Videos, Webseries

June 19, 2015

They’ve made it through two months, those nifty Nerdcouver kids. Today’s episodes begins with thugs and ninjas and traffic jams, but quickly moves into comics because, well, that’s what they’re here for. Nathan talks DC Comics, because for him it’s all about the DCYou. Get ready to discuss Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn & Power Girl, Robin Son of Batman, and JLA, before Reva chimes in and introduces us to Fathom Blue, Giant Days, Prez, Infinite Loop, and Gotham Academy~!


From there, Jenna and Aaron keep the fun going. Aaron tries and fails for brevity as he talks Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, Hexed, the Fiction, Southern Bastards, and TMNT Casey and April. Jenna closes things off this week by discussing Lumberjanes, the Runaways, Burning Fields, Mad Max Fury Road: Furiosa, and RunLoveKill.

There’s more coming soon – new videos! New subjects! Nerdcouver continues and will never die~!

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Nerdcouver Episode 007

Reviews, Webseries

June 15, 2015

Those kooky Nerdcouver kids are back! This week they’ve broken down into three videos, we’re starting with Reva and Aaron’s comic book picks, where they collectively talk about the Four Points, X-O Manowar, Coffin Hill, Kanan the Last Padawan, Catwoman, The Mantle, and Lantern City. Conversation then turns to Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife, and the glory that mortals call Kingdom Hearts…  and then ends up with all of them talking about the possibility of a Lantern City TV Show, which, hey, there is an IMDB page.


Video the second looks at Jenna and Nathan’s picks, starting with a talk about Batman starring in Bubblegum Crisis, which goes on for ten minutes. Also, there’s talk about other DC Comics and the brand new DCYou – comics like Constantine, Starfire, Gotham Academy, and Red Hood & Arsenal. Plus! Roche Limit Clandestiny.

And – special bonus happy good times! – Reva introduces a brand new rating system based on Unicorns. No, seriously. Will Nerdcouver continue to make use of this rating system? How can they not? You must listen to the madness to believe in the madness. Lil’ Sebastian is also mentioned.

That’s it for this week! The Nerdcouver kids are mostly hanging out at Big Pete’s Comics, so if you want to see them, well, go say hi! None of us bite mostly.




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Nerdcouver 2015-06-03

Culture, Videos

June 8, 2015

This week, those crazy Nerdcouver kids start talking about how incredible Stjepan Sejic is, and then go into comics from there. Including two comics from Reva! TWO!


Nerdcouver is and can be found at:

Aaron Golden @lastswann

Nathan Rayes @natemayes

Reva Dawn @maplebunnie

Jenna Táralóm @novavandorwolf

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Nerdcouver 2015-05-27

Reviews, Videos, Webseries

June 1, 2015

This week, those crazy Nerdcouver kids split their picks up into four separate videos~! By our powers combined…

We start with Reva, who may or may not have something from Aspen Comics, and everyone celebrates the end of Convergence~!

Nathan brings up a little comic about some art film that came out, like, more than a decade ago. Fight something? There’s a club? Anyway, the comic is really good. There’s also something about Kaiju in prison:

We move into the wonder what is Jenna, and things take a serious turn as Pisces is discussed, but then everyone loves Wayward. Forever. Because Wayward is awesome.

And, finally, Aaron is forced to summarize comics quickly because the battery to the camera is dying, and somehow manages to do it. Also, shockingly, Valiant comics are discussed~! No one saw that coming…



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The Sixth Gun Role-Playing Game


May 27, 2015

It’s no secret that we like role-playing games. Everyone on staff is a fan, to the point where our CEO went ahead and invented his own system. If you’ve seen our offices, well, this is one of the bookshelves that are full of splat books, fluff books, rule books… the point is, we love pen-and-paper role playing games. We adore them. We play them a lot, and discuss settings and characters. We go to comedy shows about them.

And we also love comics. It’s shocking, we know, given that we’re part of the Nerdcouver vlog, have been guests on the League of Manchildren Booked Podcast, listen to the Quiver podcast, and have a weekly column called God of Comics. One of the comics that we love and rant about whenever possible is called the Sixth Gun, a horror-western written by Cullen Bunn, whose comics frequently place among our weekly top five comics.

So the news that Cullen Bunn, Oni Press, and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are starting a Kickstarter to create a Sixth Gun Role-Playing Game? That’s kind of exciting to us. By I kind of, I mean really. As in, I need this to be a thing that happens.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group is responsible for Deadlands: the Weird West, a pen-and-paper role-playing game set in a haunted old west that features some of the most interesting mythology you’ll find in gaming, with a system that was so good that they ended up launching a line called Savage Worlds out of it. Deadlands and Savage Worlds are both some of the most fun you can have role-playing, and both setting and system lend themselves perfectly to the Sixth Gun setting.

They’re also threatening miniatures, and if you’ve been gaming for any length of time you know how useful those can be – and if you’ve been following the Sixth Gun, you have to know how cool some of those miniatures are going to look. General Hume, the Grey Witch, the Wendigo, and the Thunderbirds are only some of the minis we’re likely to see coming out of this. I mean, c’mon, watch this and tell me you’re not excited:

Now, if you’re as excited as we are, you can visit the kickstarter by clicking anywhere on this sentence.

C’mon, peoples, let’s make this happen.

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