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God of Comics – Ragman #1

Ragman #1 (DC Comics)

Gotham is… not a good place. There’ve been whole stories speaking of Gotham being stepped in evil, and the city itself has sometimes been the villain in better Batman stories (City of Crime comes immediately to mind).

There’re rumors in Gotham. The Batman is not a known quantity, and most people living in Gotham will never see a supervillain or on the darkling vigilantes that try to hold back that darkness. Those people are the rumors ordinary people whisper to one another, but those whispers circle around again: the villains and heroes sometimes whisper of a figure called the Ragman.

Ragman, real name Rory Regan, is a Jewish hero based in the Golem myth. He’s a good man who wore a costume of rags to do good works in, but that changed when tragedy struck and the rags started absorbing the souls of evildoers. Rory could then access the skills, attributes, and abilities of those so absorbed, and in the process he learned about and became skilled in the art of magic.

Cool, right? He did some stuff in the occult underground lurking along the corners of the DCU, even fighting the Spectre at one point and walking away to tell the tale. He vanished during the nu52, because even the grimdark tone of that world couldn’t handle the actual grim and dark that is the heart of this character.

But DC returned to its roots with Rebirth and they’ve been slowly revisiting old concepts and the world – our world, the real one – needs representation. Thanks to Marvel we’ve lost Captain America to the Nazis, so writer Ray Fawkes is bringing back one of the strangest heroes with his nuanced eye. This is the guy that wrote Gotham by Midnight and worked on the awe-inspiring Mnemovore. The character is in good hands.

His idea is that a war veteran failed to raid a tomb in the Israeli desert and lost all of his partners in the process. He heads back home to Gotham, followed by whatever was in that tomb and the power it wants to give him… for a price. His mission upset things older than the nation Rory lives in, see, and along with the thing that wants to give him power is a person who wants everything that thing has to offer.

Did we mention Inaki Miranda is doing the art? Because Inaki Miranda is doing art. Inaki is a DC Comics mainstay, having worked on everything from Coffin Hill (and for the love of every god you can name, go read Coffin Hill), Catwoman, Birds of Prey, Fables, House of Mystery… look, he’s good at illustrating horror, romance, the whole breadth of human emotion.

This is going to be amazing stuff. Don’t miss out.

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