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The Gentlemen Hecklers – Ghost

Ghost. Ghost was a movie that happened. For reasons.

It came out in 1990 and was a huge hit among bored suburbanites and soccer moms. It’s a supernatural thriller with very few thrills – man is murdered and stays behind as a ghost to warn his girlfriend that there’s a killer on the loose, but he can’t talk to her. Instead, Whoopi Goldberg takes a spin as a magical negro who can talk to dead people and wants nothing to do with either Patrick Swayze or Demi Moore, and who can blame her? This is not a movie that has aged well, but it does have that one scene. You know the one.

Anyways, if you want to see the trailer, it’s here:

Looking at that, is it any wonder that a certain trio of Gentlemen what are known to Heckle cackled with glee when announcing that they were going to tackle this film?

Just in time for Halloween, three of the necromancers behind the rise of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot bring another horrifying spooktacular to the big screen. On Monday, October the 16th, you will have the chance to see Eric Fell, Shaun Stuart, and Patrick Mahlia return to the Rio Theater and finally lay this ghost to rest.

So come bask in the cold glow of flickering fiction if you happen to be in Vancouver, British Columbia. Head to that temple of cinema we call the Rio, located by the intersection of Broadway and Commercial. You can get your tickets ahead of time by clicking here or pay $14 at the door.

The temple opens at eight. The laughs, well, they begin about nine.

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