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Radioactive Nerd’s Etsy Wasteland – Eevee-olve your Style

Radioactive Nerd’s Etsy Wasteland

In a mass market consumer world, Jackie of Radioactive Nerd scours for unique and handmade pieces for you to stand out in. Hunting across this Etsy wasteland.

With 8 different styles, a little Eevee can evolve into that makes Eevee the most stylish Pokemon by a landslide. Check out these to capture your Eevee look.

CholyKnight – $100+

Easily shines out of the crowd of Etsy sweaters with their unique and good looking fitted hoodie pattern (which is also for sale in their shop).

GeekAndArtsy – $22.88

Carry your own evolutive stone around your neck. A subtle look to bring out your Eeveelution.

KawaiiAtama – $115-150

Super cute rave hoodie, setting them apart from other Eevee hoods was their use of faux fur.

Alexs Misfit Toys – $12 ($90.99 for all)

Handmade clinging earrings you can have your own Eevee’s hanging on to you all day.

KeiraCosplay – $70.34

Skater dresses are a staple for most girly geeks. They’re everywhere and come in countless designs. Keira Cosplay’s Eevee looks are unique and can transform you easily.

Kawaiieek – $18.96

Not necessarily a wearable but they were so cute and well thought out how could I not include them!

Fan Heart Store – $145-189

A sleeveless hoodie that anyone could rock in summer without overheating.

KatsOutOfTheBag4 – $12.64 ($31.59 for all 3)

As an artist I fell in love with these, the design of these bows are perfect! The fabric print and matching ribbon, but the touch of fur is what really sold me on this unique piece.

Chibisilverwings – $15.16

I know there must be something morbid with having Eevee tails hanging from your ears. But these are so cute and handcrafted!

Yotsubanoclover – $170+

I actually own one of her designs! They are as comfy as they are cute!

Check out the full list of Eevee looks here

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