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God of Comics – Elsewhere #2

Elsewhere #2 (Image Comics)

This comic is the best kind of weird.

Exhibit A for this would be last month’s issue, where two furry prisoners escaped from a floating island and came across Amelia Earhart, who was stuck in a tree by her parachute. They rescued her, she came to terms with being on an alien world with flying islands and nabbed herself a flying beast before being captured as part of a plan by the former prisoners. From there, she was taken to the prison by soldiers in service to the Great Dark Lord and was given a cell to share with someone who looks like Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks.

He’s not Dale, though. Or even Dougie. His name is Dan and he prefers to go by DB. His last name is Cooper, though, and if that name sounds familiar, good on you for knowing your history: DB Cooper was the name given to a man who hijacked a plan back in 1971 and then vanished from the face of the Earth.

Literally, or so this comic would have you believe.

Writer Jay Faerber isn’t one to keep that sort of thing hidden. He’ll tell you immediately that every human in this fantasy world he’s put together is from our world, a refugee brought over by forces unknown and forced to survive in some very out there circumstances. This is a series that he’s been planning for a while and he’s got some secrets and some tales to tell in a series of four-issue arcs, depending on how this one goes.

And it should go well. That last issue was amazing.

A good chunk of that amazing can be placed at the pencils and inks of Sumeyye Kesgin, a Turkish artist with a knack for wild imaginings. All her strengths are highlighted with the script that Jay has given her, and then both of their works combined are given a shining sheen of colors moody and heroic by Ron Riley.

So – talented people behind the book, interesting premise that has been brilliant realized, and a solid schedule that involves four issue arcs, a month off, the release of a trade, a month off, and then the start of the next arc. A self-contained high-fantasy story involving historical figures that could come from any point in time, given that Amelia vanished in 1937 and DB vanished in 1971 and they both look to be about the same age as when they vanished – and DB looks like he got to this world before Amelia.

We’re in. We love this. Adore it. And we urge you to pick it up and give it a shot, as one of the world’s best pilots teams up with a notorious hijacker to escape from a tyrannical warlord’s flying island fortress… which is, conveniently, where the wreckage of Amelia’s plane was taken.

Stuff like this is why we love comics and why we write this articles. Do not miss it.

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