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Gentlemen Hecklers: Anaconda

Your Anaconda don’t? I wouldn’t worry about it. The Anaconda movie didn’t do too well in theaters, either, and with good reason. It’s a glorious mess of a film that tries to add malignancy to a giant snake in the fashion of Jaws. It fails, with actors that can’t quite carry awe of the monster and a location that’s more frightening than the monster itself. It’s kinda not good, but don’t take our word for it.

Check the trailer:

Also, that cast: Ice Cube as he’s transitioning into acting, halfway between Ghosts of Mars and XXX2: State of the Union. Jennifer Lopez struggling to remain relevant before the world moved past her and South Park finally ended her career. Jon Voight looking vaguely confused and still acting his way around the rest of the cast, seemingly out of spite. Owen Wilson, genuinely confused because it’s Owen Wilson and he’s always just a little confused.

You know who isn’t confused? The Gentlemen Hecklers. They’ve found a movie that is just asking for the treatment only they can give it.

Three of the geniuses that brought us the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot head on Safari, bringing one of the worst monster movies ever back to the big screen. On September 12, Eric Fell, Shaun Stuart, and Patrick Mahlia return to the Rio Theater to give one of cinema’s true horrors the audience it deserves.

You can see for yourself if you happen to be in Vancouver, British Columbia and go to the intersection at Broadway and Commercial and buy your ticket to take the ride. You can do that by clicking here, or pay $14 at the door. There is nothing better you can do with your September 12th evening than this.

Doors open at eight, show starts at nine. See you there.


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