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God of Comics – Elsewhere #1

Elsewhere #1 (Image Comics)

Okay. Okay. A lot of writers like to sit back and pitch ideas about what happened to Amelia Earhart. Pretty much every writer I’ve ever met does this if you catch them in the right mood: gives you their idea. There’s versions I’ve heard that dip into realism, fantasy, mystery, horror, science fiction… any genre you care to name.

And why not? Amelia was a badass, one of the most scarily competent people to ever live. She was the very spirit of adventure – an educated tomboy who could throw down with the worst her era had to offer and walk away victorious and smiling. Hell, she beat the hell out of the Spanish Flu epidemic, both as a nurse and then a patient. She was a powerhouse of a personality, an international celebrity who deserved every accolade she ever won.

She was also a flier back in the days when flying was nowhere near safe. She flew across the Atlantic several times without so much as a second thought and had planned to fly around the world – a plan that ultimately led to her disappearance. She was there and then she was gone and no one knows what happened to this extraordinary person, this champion of the incredible possibilities of the early last century.

Her disappearance left a sense of sadness after her, the smothering of something great.

Writer Jay Faerber wants to get into the heart of that tragedy and make it something great, to give Amelia a tale worthy of her legend. He’s arguing that her flight took her beyond the edges of the map, to some fantastic place full of flying beasts and strange civilizations that stand between her and any chance of making her way home.

Fearless and craving adventure, Amelia will plunge headlong into whatever world she has found. She’ll make friends and enemies much as she did in our world, because a personality as strong as hers breeds admiration and jealousy with the same ease that most of us breathe.

And when this woman – called Queen of the Air by some – runs headlong into a mad despot, she’ll become a symbol of freedom and resistance to a people that desperately need one.

No less a writer than Kieron Gillen has said “Get lost in this other world and you’ll be in the best company.” about this comic, and he would know. He wrote the best version of the Young Avengers, Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra, and the Wicked + the Divine. He knows qualitative writing when he reads it.

Artists Ron Riley and Sumeyye Kesgin lend their prodigious talents to creating this world. You’ll recognize the name of the former from Copperhead, where he’s worked with Jay Faerber already. Sumeyye Kesgin has done work on a couple of comics I keep meaning to talk about – Rise of the Magi and September Mourning – and her presence just makes me want this comic even more.

Don’t be shy – fly to your local comic book shop this Wednesday and pick this up. It’s going to be amazing.

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