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God of Comics – Sisters of Sorrows #1

Sisters of Sorrow #1 (Boom Studios)

I remember during the last election that someone said that the GOP platform was women was no coverage, no healthcare, no help. I wish I could remember who it was, but the Republicans have lived up to those words: Betsy Devos is actually listening to MRA’s discuss the validity of rape on college campuses and is taking what they have to say seriously.

To say that this is problematic at best is to understate a very serious problem.

Sexism lives. It seethes in modern culture, and we’ve seen that crop up again now that we’re getting our first female Doctor – but that’s not surprising. We saw it hit with Ghostbusters, when Emma Watson declared herself a feminist, whenever someone female says that she’s a person and deserves to be treated as such.

There are some men who respond to that idea with violence: they believe that treating women as equals would somehow make them less. Like the patriarchs on Duck Dynasty, they think that women with self-esteem are about the worst thing that has happened to the modern world. They like women quiet, silent. They like victims.

No one likes to be a victim.

Kurt Sutter understands that – he’s the guy who wrote Son of anarchy, so he’s got a proven track record and good understanding of this subject. He’s joined here by novelist Courtney Alameda, she what wrote Shutter, and if you have not read Shutter you need to fix that and can do so by clicking here.

The two of them have combined their talent with artist Hyeonjin Kim and this is going to result in something that you need to read the same way you need oxygen to survive: four women who run a women’s shelter during the day and then dress up as nuns and hunt down violent abusers who have escaped justice during the day.

And though they’ve managed to hide their identities they are not hiding their actions – how could they, in this modern world? They’re working in and around Los Angeles, nary an angel to be seen. Hollywood loves a good story and they quickly become it, the press dubbing them the Sisters of Sorrow.

But this is L.A. This is America. People tend to be okay with violence only when white men are the ones perpetuating it, not women, not any person of color regardless of gender. And the anti-crime task force in the LAPD is definitely not fond of anyone that challenges their authority by using the violence they like to think is theirs alone to use.

The result is sure to bloody and vicious and true, and for all those reasons we cannot recommend this comic enough.

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