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God of Comics – Immortal #1

Immortal #1 (Keenspot)

Hey, Rat Queens artist Owen Gieni is co-creating a comic with Rob Potchak. That’s pretty cool. Owen’s got a good eye for design and emotion and I have no idea who Rob Patchak is, but Owen’s a good enough artist and the comic sounds intriguing enough that I’m willing to go in on this sight unseen.

Immortality is one of those things that children seem to think is a really good idea but would be kind of horrible to actually have. If you’re the only one that’s immortal than you get to watch the people you care about wither away and die. If other people are immortal with you there’s a chance of over-population and feuds without end. Memory slips away into vague recollection as trauma stays because that’s how our minds work. Faking paperwork and making sure people don’t know you’re immortal for fear of them burning you or dissecting you or however this century’s culture has decided to treat people that are different.

And that’s before you factor in the boredom.

Immortality takes away risk while providing the means to see and do anything. Given centuries there’s nothing you couldn’t do or see or experience. And all that brings is to Elisa, a noblewoman from seven hundred years ago who found herself Immortal and is the protagonist of this comic. She’s seen it and been there and done that. She partied with Nostradamus just so she could see if the boredom would ever stop.

These days, she’s a sword-swinging adventurer who is also a librarian and she’s bored, peoples, so bored, but she’s about to discover that there’s always something new if you know where to look, a new adventure to be had if you’re just willing to pick up your sword and fight.

Immortal is set in 1997, back before America went fully insane and we could still lie to ourselves and say things like “Republicans and Conservatives are responsible people.” Maybe her quest will take her in that direction and stop the cult bent on killing everyone and themselves and the Evil Empire they create, one that stands just south of Canada and just north of Mexico?

That might be too much to ask of even an Immortal at this point. She can build up to it. One adventure at a time.

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