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God of Comics – Dragon Age: Knight Errant #3

Dragon Age: Knight Errant #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

We seem to be talking about this comic a lot but we’re just kinda eager for more Dragon Age. We’ve got a history of tragedy in these games, having romanced Morrigan, Anders, and Solas, and we need to know what mage is going to break our hearts in the fourth game – of which there are no details other then it’s maybe happening?

There was more intel on the new Metroid game(s) than on the fourth installment of Dragon Age. And, hey, Anthem looks interesting and Andromeda wasn’t as bad as people seem to think and that’s a miracle given the horror story that is that game’s production cycle, but…

We like this comic. We like it a lot. For those of us that are trapped by obsession on Thedas, this comic is the first story that takes place after the end of the last game. It’s in canon. We’ve returned to Kirkwall, the location of the second game and the former home of Marian Hawke and her ill-fated family. Seriously, you want tragedy? Bethany died! Carver’s a Warden! Mom was chopped into pieces and turned into a zombie that you had to kill! Uncle lost the family fortune and then found out he had a daughter who nothing bad has happened to (yet)! Boyfriend one is a murderous traumatized elf! Boyfriend two started a war! Marian herself is trapped in the Fade! At least the dog is okay…

Anyways, Hawke’s best friend is a Dwarf named Varric who was just made the Viscount of Kirkwall, a position that has been empty since the last one was beheaded. Good for him. Varric has been pretty great in two games now and he’s a writer and spymaster. He’s got good business sense and has seen some terrible things, so he’s probably got this.

The coronation is kind of a big deal and a lot of people were invited, including a knight whose best days are behind him and his apprentice, an elf named Vaea. Vaea has also seen the worst humanity has to offer because being an elf in Thedas hasn’t been easy for a while now, and she’s currently being blackmailed by members of the Inquisition maybe who want her to pull off a job for them.

She’s got to navigate the political intrigue of the upper echelons of society, including the holier-than-thou Prince Sebastian of Starkhaven and the somehow even worse Seneschal Granger while not exposing her knight to the job that she’s being forced to undertake on the side.

We’ve mentioned in the past that this comic is being expertly written by Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis, a writing duo who very much get the appeal of Dragon Age and the feel of Thedas. Artist Fernando Heinz Furukawa does a good job of capturing the feel and space of Kirkwall and is going to give us a look at Starkhaven in this very issue.

It might not be the visit to Thedas that we’re waiting for but it is worth the price of admission. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

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