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God of Comics – Sacred Creatures #1

Sacred Creatures #1 (Image Comics)

We entered an age long ago where we stopped believing in Evil.

This isn’t about God or anything like that. There’s plenty of people that claim to have faith without the least idea of what their faith entails because it’s easier to echo a statement than to think about it – that’s why memes and talking points tend to rule out over facts. Without analysis, without reflection, it’s easy to get lost and Evil exists in every un-reflected life.

Doubt isn’t a test of faith, but a requirement of it.

This is a comic about Evil and, to a lesser degree, Good, in the modern world. It’s about a young college grad who is about to be a father, a decent enough guy with a loving girlfriend who he loves and how his life is torn apart by forces beyond his control, about lives toyed with and destroyed for the sake of a selfish few.

It’s also huge. Ye gods, sixty pages of glorious story that flits through time to show us the aftermath and what led up to it, hinting at things and slowly decaying the reality we know for one lurking just below the surface. It’s easy to see why people dismiss the horrors our protagonist suffers – why wouldn’t they? Those the gods would destroy they first make mad, and that is very much what they do here. Would-be gods driving their playthings mad, but their playthings are us.

But if you’ve been following the writerings of Pablo Raimondi, this is the sort of depth you’ve come to expect. He did Madrox over at Marvel, taking a joke of a character and exploring his psyche, and then did the Books of Doom with Brubaker. The man knows how to create tension and sliver apart the layers of any given reality with an expert’s scalpel, and he brings the full care of his craft here. Klaus Janson, likewise, has done amazing things previously at Marvel with Daredevil and the Dark Knight Returns and he continues to work his magic here.

Read this comic all the way through, consider it as a whole, understand what it is and know that you’ll be hooked by the time this story is done… and don’t forget the afterword. You’re in for one hell of a ride.

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