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God of Comics – Rat Queens #4

Rat Queens #4 (Images Comics)

Violet’s got some problems.

I mean, clearly. She’s a dwarf who shaved off her beard in defiance of tradition, left the mountain keep that was her home, and started a small-scale adventuring company called the Rat Queens. Her reasons have a lot of to do with the misogyny and isolation of her native culture, but she left that all behind her.

And she’s done so many things since! Created a family for herself, exposed the corruption lying at the heart of her new home, waged war against an army of orcs to defend her new home, and even saved the world from a Lovecraftian cult that nearly drove everyone she has or would ever meet insane.

Those accomplishments, though? It’s hard to remember when family comes to town.

Family, in this case, is her brother, Barrie. He shaved his beard mostly to annoy her and has been living in her new home city also mostly to annoy her. He’s built up his own band of adventurers called the Cart Kings because seriously, Barrie, we need to talk. I’m pretty sure that mushroom thing isn’t even sentient.

Anyways, things have been weird for the Queens and they’ve just added a new member to their party, a half-orc named Bragha who might take the edge off, so to speak, by adding another edge to their side. It’ll keep Violet from getting cut as much, is what I’m saying. And this is a good thing, given that the Queens are heading into the depths of a dungeon full of traps, monsters, and sentient decor that all wants to kill them.

Seriously, Barrie, the dungeon found sentient decor and you’re stuck with the mushroom thing? I think it might just be your druid’s familiar. Or the start of an invasion from the mushroom kingdom. Because you are not the sharpest axe in the keep.

Kurtis J. Wiebe pens another tale to keep us going, the sort of fable that feels like it spilled off the table of a really good DM and into a comic. We talk to him about that a bit, actually, and you can read his words by clicking here. New artist Owen Gieni adds his special kind of madness to the setting, including giant Canadian Geese because the small ones aren’t bad enough.

If you like tabletop role-playing, you’ll love this comic. If you’ve never done tabletop role-playing but have heard of it and want to see what all the fuss is about, this is a pretty good introduction. Rat Queens is awesome. 

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