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God of Comics – Jem and the Misfits: Infinite #1

Jem and The Misfits: Infinite #1 (IDW Publishing)

Happy Independence Day!

Yes, this article should be going live to celebrate the first day of America’s Independence from Britain, where they fought against tyranny (except not) and unified themselves into a country (wrong again) and became the greatest nation on earth (on track until the late seventies).

Among some, there is a linguistic argument between what freedom means to Americans – whether it’s freedom-from or freedom-to. A good chunk of free countries practice or attempt to practice freedom-from, where we try to create societies that are free from prejudice and hatred and corruption. Freedom-to means being free to do things to other people around you. It’s an interesting debate, and one that ties into today’s comic in more ways than one.

The Misfits are the antagonists from the Jem and the Holograms franchise. On the cartoon, they got nowhere near the sort of character development they’ve gotten in the comics, but on the show, they were freedom-to. They made the people around them and one another miserable. The Misfits in the comic started the same way, but we’ve learned more about them since.

Part of that journey has been seeing the origins of the Misfits, and how they went from freedom-from to freedom-to and are now sort of meandering their way back again. These were five talented women who wanted the freedom to pursue their craft and become the artists they knew they could be, but along the way they got lost in the stuff their fame allowed them to get away with.

Consequences caught up with them, though. Freedom-to philosophies are never sustainable over a long enough timeline.

The Misfits lost their label, had to go on reality television to re-invent themselves, managed that and built their own label with the proceeds. They confronted Jem, who threw their illusions back in the face, and Pizzazz is now self-aware enough to know when she’s wrong and went to apologize.

Once there, she discovers that Jem and the Holograms have gone to an alternate dimension; she follows and discovers an alternate reality where Jem rules and everything is powered by Synergy Hologram Technology. This means the Misfits now know Jem’s secret, but also that we’re in a world where the Holograms have lost themselves to freedom-to and need to be moved back towards freedom-from.

Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Jenn St. Onge have never been less than excellent on this title, which is one of IDW Publishing’s best. Do not miss this.

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