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Gentlemen Hecklers present Moonraker

Moonraker had to seem pretty far-fetched when it came out all the way back in 1979, but this was the year where American democracy gave way to the Oligarchy, bringing us to the nightmare dystopia we find ourselves living in today. It’s the fourth Roger Moore Bond film and not the first to feature Jaws, a massive and mostly silent killer who cannot be stopped or reasoned with, but that’s not the most fantastic part about it.

The villains are environmentalists who believe in eugenics and plan to kill the whole human species while maintaining breeding pairs of genetically perfect people, whatever that means. They’re effectively corporations who are dead set on genocide to create a new master race. Even their environmentalism is a sham, meant only to provide a world for their new master race to rule.

And here’s the thing – as the oligarchy in America sinks to ever greater lows in their selfishness and dehumanization of people in order to make themselves richer, they’re on the verge of destroying the biosphere we all rely on for life. Could their way out involve leaving the planet? Could science fiction be moving ever closer to science fact?

I don’t know. This is not the best of the Bond films by a long shot, but it is a fun one and that makes it perfect fodder for the Gentlemen Hecklers.

Come witness three of the geniuses that brought us the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot as they return to the Rio Theater. Eric Fell, Shaun Stuart, and Patrick Mahlia return to the Rio Theater to rake James Bond across the moon.

On July 12th these three will gather to blast us all off into an atmosphere of funny, where laughter will echo across sticky floors. You can buy tickets by clicking here, or pay $14 at the door. If you are a Vancouver native or are simply passing through, this is the best thing you could do with your time come July 12th.

Doors open at eight, show starts at nine. See you there.

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