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Preview: Shakespeare After Dark at The Rio

We sat down with  Instant Theatre to talk about the upcoming show.

LMM: Can you give a brief history of Shakespear After Dark and how it came to be?

IT: It started as part of the young and spontaneous series. Every year Instant Theatre does a festival of experimental improv shows. This year it’s called the Prototype Festival. One of our co-director, Zach Wolfman, tested the concept of an improvised Shakespeare show then. This was three years ago. Last year, our Artistic Director at that time and our founder Alistair Cook, asked the cast to pitch late night show concepts. Zach pitched an improvised Shakespearean tragedy, our other co-director Chelsey Stuyt pitched a drunk improvised Shakespeare. Alistair put us together and the show was born!

LMM: What is it like working with Affair of Honor?

IT: An absolute pleasure. They are so precise and professional, yet creative and flexible. We couldn’t ask for a better opener. We love them!

LMM: What is the drunkest someone has ever gotten?

IT: We try not to focus on that as the tone of the show highlights the joy of seeing someone succeed at an impossible task, not laugh at someone in an out of control state. To that end, the person who got the drunkest never went on stage. They arrived at the theatre and were promptly taken home with a guardian to sleep it off. That said, we have a number of players who don’t remember what happened on stage! But we always ensure they have someone with them to get them home safe.
LMM: What are the weirdest/most interesting suggestions you have gotten from the audience?
IT: The weirdest is actually titles of plays or movies that already exist. There’s one guy who really wants to see the Shakespearean tragedy of Terminator 3.
LMM: What are you hoping people will feel after the anniversary show?
IT:  Uninhibited and inspired by Shakespeare. Our goal is to knock The Bard out of the ivory towers of academia and give him back to the people. No one should feel intimidated by old Billy Shakes. He’s crude, rude, and hilarious. We’re here to bring back the raucous energy that belongs in his works.
If you don’t want to try your luck at the contest you can get event information and tickets here.
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