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God of Comics – Jem and The Holograms #26

Jem and The Holograms #26 (IDW Publishing)

From the solicit: Truly Outrageous Part Three! It all comes down to this oversized final issue! As the Holograms try to come together in paradise, their secrets (and their rivalries) continue to threaten to tear them apart.

Final issue?

Final issue?!?

Why? Why is this the final issue? Is it, like, the end of the season? Please? Because I love this comic and I want it to go on and this actually would be the perfect place for this comic to end a first season.

In a little over two years, we’ve seen Jerrica and her sisters go from being lost in the shuffle of the world to claiming a spotlight and being forced to mature as individuals and as a family. We’ve seen love bloom between enemies and the price of fame, we’ve had Jerrica come clean about who she is to her love interest. We’ve had the Misfits crash and burn and resurrect, seen everyone given more depth than one would have ever expected, and we only just got the Stingers…

We’ve seen Kelly Thompson flex her creative muscles and give us a truly outrageous cast of characters while evolving all of them, juggling a multitude while making everyone grow. We’ve seen Pizzazz – Pizzazz, of all people – have a big damn hero moment that felt earned and didn’t take away from the fact that she will always be Jem’s nemesis.

And the art: there’s been several artists on this book and each of them has captured a sense of mania and movement, glamrock updated for a modern aesthetic that feels magical. You can almost hear the songs drifting off the page, and if you don’t believe reading is a drug, that you can stare at dead trees for hours while vividly hallucinating, you need to stop what you’re doing and read this comic.

IDW Publishing has made a name for themselves by taking old properties and cashing in on nostalgia, but then making the best version of those old properties. Their iterations of Transformers, TMNT, Ghostbusters – hell, even MASK – are all impossibly good. This version of these characters deserve all of the things: a cartoon, a movie, a video game, an album.

The real trick is that Kelly Thompson took everything that was even halfway decent in the original and made it better, then took what was already good and improved upon it. Let us be clear in saying that Jem and the Holograms was Metalopocalypse for the glamrock set, where destruction and mayhem were part of the world and everything revolved around the music, man. This comic feels like a world where that is on the verge of happening, a precipice world where one sung note could push the whole world into a creative madness that would make everything okay.

We need to see that world, and if this is the final glimpse any of us will ever get into it, then you owe it to yourself to open the pages and look at how good the world could be, how mad and amazing. Get in now. Stay. These pages sing.

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