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God of Comics – Dragon Age: Knight Errant #2

Dragon Age: Knight Errant #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

Alright. The story continues. This is the first post-Trespasser story in the Dragon Age universe and it’s given us some hints at things.

Looks like the Inquisition continues to exist. I’m happy with that. My heart-broken Lavellan would definitely not give up her fight with the Dread Wolf, nor cut off any other part of her ability to take the fight to anyone that crosses her. She already lost a hand and her love; no need to give up her organization.

My thing is… well, where’s Hawke? Marian was the Champion of Kirkwall and this story is taking place in her city. The new Viscount is her former best friend, and I’m curious to see where the default decision in Dragon Age went. They made Alistair king (which I also did), but we still don’t know if Hawke was left in the fade or not (she totally booted everyone else out in my game and took the fight to the Nightmare, and the only thing that kept Anders sane when he heard was Fenris and the child the three of them were raising).

What’s the deal, Bioware? I need to know. Hawke is a totemic character with me. Also, Anthem looks cool and all but is there any word on Dragon Age 4 other than it’s being worked on?

Anyway, this story. You’ve seen the Magnificent Seven or Seven Samurai, right? If not, do so. The recent take on the western – the one with Chris Pratt – is quite good. The main characters here are reminiscent of two of the characters from there, one a legend and the other an apprentice. The legend is worn out but no one knows it yet, allowing that person to still be a legend. The apprentice knows but is protecting her master while being protected by him.

See, the apprentice, in this case, is an elven thief named Vaea and she’s on the run from a very angry Templar. Elves are very much second-class citizens in the world of Dragon Age, having lost much of their magic, most of their culture, and all of their immortality. Templars, meanwhile, have a pretty dark history in Kirkwall what with the time they tried to murder all mages (my Hawke was a mage, too).

Thing is, Vaea is an elf and the Inquisition’s primary opposition at this point appears to be an actual living Elven God by the name of Solas or the title of Fen’Harel, which means the Dread Wolf. She’s understandably a bit leery of what the Inquisition is up to, or if the people that have contacted her are actually part of the Inquisition at all, but their offer of aid is one she’s going to want to take once the Templar with a hate-on for her shows up.

The writers here are Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis, a married couple who have done TV and comics and manga and all sorts of cools stuff all over the place (and you should check out Dracula Everlasting if you like the whole manga thing). They’ve got a pretty good handle on the whole Dragon Age thing and issue one was a lot of fun. Art is being done by Fernando Heinz Furukawa and colors are being wrought by the incomparable Michael Atiyeh, and between the two of them this book is gorgeous.

If you’re looking for some great and detailed fantasy, this is your jam.

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