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God of Comics: Regression #1

Regression #1 (Image Comics)

And we’re ending things where they began this week, which is kind of fitting given this title: this is a comic about past life regression therapy, a thing that some people do where they try and remember things from previous lives. It’s a fun challenge if your faith includes reincarnation and a bit of witchcraft if you’re faith tells you that you’re going to face eternal reward or punishment for the things you do over, generally, fifty to seventy years.

It’s also being written by horror maestro Cullen Bunn, who knows a thing or two about this sort of story. He’s the guy what wrote the Sixth Gun and Hellbreak and the Damned and all of this leads me to believe that Cullen Bunn must be seeking something and is using his talent to try and find it.

The story here follows Adrian, a modern man in the modern world who is harrowed by waking nightmares that haunt him even in his waking hours. Someone mentions the past life thing to him and he decides to go through it because, hey, why not? Valerian root is doing nothing for him. He settles in for the hypnosis and gets a full view of some scene his soul was caught in before, a monstrous moment that he comes back screaming from.

Problem being, something followed him back to our time from that era.

Cullen guides us into a terror-filled world from which there is no escape – a place where the occult lurks just out of sight, where reincarnation is just as real as insanity and mysteries man was never meant to unravel tease half-seen in the twilight shadows. This comic is a Hasturian whisper, an invitation to try a tale that will seduce you with horror and leave you shivering, trapped in tendrils of intrigue that will never let you go.

Danny Luckert and Marie Enger provide shade and depth to life and death and life again, pulling forth color from darkness but letting the dark linger like a half-remembered dream lover. This is horror at its very best, a story invested in a sense of inescapable dread, here to pick up where titles like the Clean Room and Nailbiter and Coffin Hill left off. Get in now and know that you will never leave.

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