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God of Comics: Rose #1

Rose #1 (Image Comics)

We’re covering a lot of fantasy this week. It’s unavoidable when you have this many good fantasy titles; not mentioning the other comics that we’ve discussed this week would have been criminal. So why are we discussing another one? What possible thing could this comic do to set itself apart from the others?

The art is a good place to start. We’re typically more interested in the writing – and we will come back to that- but Ig Guara is handling the art on this title. You might remember Ig from his work on the Avengers and Wonder Woman, given that he’s become something of a go-to at Marvel and DC and Image. Ig’s penchant for lighting and space are both going to play well to this story, which, well.

Meredith Finch was responsible for Little Mermaid over at Zenescope and Wonder Woman over at DC Comics, and jumping between those characters and companies requires more than a little finesse. When someone capable of that sort of breadth decides to tackle classic fantasy you know something good is coming.

And something good is coming. The story here is about a female knight looking to become the guardian her broken world needs so badly. She’s got a giant panther-thing that is more properly called a Khat-Thorne-to, but Rose just calls her Thorne because she has a sense of humor about these things.

Her world was broken by a sorcerer named Drucilla who has a whole whack of demons at her beck and call and is more than willing to use them to destroy her enemies, and Rose certainly counts as such. Thing is, there’s a scared little girl that has drawn Drucilla’s ire and the attention of her horde and you know things are going to go from bad to worse.

So, we’ve got a nimble writer with a penchant for complex female characters paired with an artist you does fantastic imagery working together on a book about a lost knight and her giant panther fighting an evil sorceress to try and repair a broken world. Read that last sentence again and tell me that doesn’t sound cool.

I can’t wait to get my mitts on this – it sounds like the perfect analogue to Rat Queens, a darker take meant to compliment the lighter tone while still keeping the mature focus and surprising capacity for depth. This has high sleeper hit potential, so be sure to get in now.

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