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God of Comics: Rat Queens #2

Rat Queens #2 (Image Comics)

There is a giant dragon goose. I did not see that coming.

We typically try to avoid drawing attention to the same comic one month after another, but this is Rat Queens and you will bow down to the Queens. Kurtis J Wiebe found a new illustrator in Owen Gieni and the two of them look to be having a blast with the all-female adventurer troupe that works out of the small town of Palisade.

If you’ve ever played a sit down role-playing game, you will immediately see the appeal of this comic. If you haven’t, this is the sort of thing that will make you want to play one. It’s so good that the Critical Role crew once cosplayed as the Queens for Halloween, so good that you must read it right now.

Rat Queens is also one of the most LGBT+ friendly comics you could hope to find, with positive portrayals of transgendered, gay, and interracial couples throughout. There’s stories of acceptance, the family hardship that comes with bucking tradition, and so many other complex themes woven into a deceptively simple narrative that it is, simply, mind-blowing.

Once you see how good this comic is it is impossible not to see it.

Also, there is a giant dragon goose monster.

The giant dragon goose monster is a recent addition; the Queens were hired to do a job and are easing their way back into things. Their leader, a dwarf named Violet who shave her beard and left her clan because she couldn’t stomach the conservative traditions of her people any longer, took the job and then ran into a problem: her younger brother.

Dude was sent to bring her back home and got his ass stomped by Violet. This was not a good moment for him, so he’s shaved his beard and recruited people that mirror the Queens in an effort to annoy and outdo Violet. He’s even named his adventurer group the Cat Kings because he’s kind of a dick. He thought he was doing pretty okay until a giant goose dragon attacked and broke his party.

Violet saved his dumb ass, but their rogue got ate in the process and is currently stuck facing off with a merchant in the literal belly of a beast. Meanwhile, Violet is about to lead her Queens into the most violent fight they’ve ever had, because normal geese are vicious monsters and dragon geese have to be worse.

If that isn’t enough, Patrick Rothfuss – the guy what writes the Kingkiller Chronicles – is doing a backup story this month. Why? Because he loves the Queens. You should, too.

Look, it’s Rat Queens. It’s awesome. Buy it, read it, love it.

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