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God of Comics: Guardians of the Galaxy #19

Guardians of the Galaxy #19 (Marvel Comics)

You kinda have to feel bad for the Guardians of the Galaxy; they came to Earth to help a friend and got royally screwed. See, Marvel was busy making Captain Marvel a villain in Civil War II, but the guardians didn’t know that; they just knew her from when she was cool and came to help. Their ship got wrecked, they got stranded and separated on Earth, and things have kind of gone bad for them ever since.

Captain Marvel totally abandoned them because there’s a movie or something being made about her, and she doesn’t really care about her friends anymore unless they still might be able to help her (these ones can’t) or she got them killed (paging Mr. War Machine or Dr. Brice Banner…). Maybe if one or more of them die she could be bothered to care…?

It’s kind of a moot point. The different Guardians – Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamorra, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot – have all managed to get off planet on their own, sometimes in spite of themselves. Also, destiny is pulling then back together to fight the being most of them were drawn to fight together in the first place: a certain Mad Titan who goes by the name Thanos.

Not sure if this is going to crossover with the most recent Thanos series, but we may as well cover those bases: Thanos is sick and dying. He recently escaped Earth and has been killing his way across the cosmos looking for answers as to what is killing him, and even let himself to captured by the Shi’ar in an effort to learn more about what is happening to him. The answers the Shi’ar failed to provide ended up with more of them dying and I’m pretty okay with that given how idiotic the Shi’ar have proven to be.

Seriously, their gods got tricked by a Loki that wasn’t trying very hard into picking a fight with Thor, which is going even less well than you might expect. Between that and their habit of poking the preferred host of the Phoenix Force, someone might want to put the Shi’ar on some sort of suicide watch.

Anyways, Thanos.

Gamorra was raised by Thanos and would like to kill him. Drax the Destroyer was literally created to kill Thanos. The other three don’t have personal reasons for killing the Mad Titan buy they do like their friends (something Captain Marvel could learn a thing or two about) and have nothing better to do, so they’re probably in, too.

Thing is, this is Brain Michael Bendis’ last issue. He’s been building up to this for the better part of five years, literally working this title through several event comics and the last big stupid reboot thing. This is his climax. He’s done some incredible things with this title and it’s impossible to think that he wouldn’t close this out with a bang.

Valerio Schiti has been working art on this title for a while and he’s also done some beautiful work here, and one would expect that he’d be looking to blow all our minds as this story wraps up. Given the skill he typically brings to the table, one can only drool at the thought of what he’s about to unveil.

This has quietly been an excellent book; it is impossible to fathom the idea that the end will be anything less than epic.

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