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God of Comics: X-Men Gold #1

X-Men: Gold #1 (Marvel Comics)

Kitty Pryde is back to lead the X-Men for reasons and we should all be excited~! It’s mandated by the Marvel editorial board, the same people that made Nazi Captain America and will soon be bringing you Nazi Holocaust Survivor and Jew, Magneto~!

Different writing team, thankfully. Marc Guggenheim has been quietly writing some rather good X-comics for the past year, making the most of what crossovers Marvel has thrown at him. He also did the rather neat Squadron Sinister and is doing the criminally under-appreciated Agents of SHIELD comic, so he’s got that going for him.

It’s just that the X-Men have not had a very good decade: they were ignored when they tried to warn everyone what a bad idea registration was, they tried to leave the world that feared and hated them to go live in peace only to be invaded, then were nearly wiped out because the Avengers couldn’t handle their shit… and it doesn’t end there.

Wolverine and cyclops had a very messy and public divorce and Cyclops was cast as the villain despite saving the world from its own mutant hating technology when it was turned against humanity. Then the Avengers didn’t listen to him when the Phoenix force came, resulting in him getting possessed by a cosmic entity because the Avengers kidnapped a traumatized sixteen-year-old girl – possessed Cyclops then killed Professor X and got blamed for it when the Avengers were all “dur, we goofed,” and released the sixteen-year-old girl, allowing the Phoenix to restore the balance.

More recently, Marvel has been trying to make the Inhumans happen and had the X-Men be the villains in a story where the Inhumans released a gas that covered the world and killed mutants. The X-Men were to be viewed as villains for not lying down and dying. Seriously. That was the story.

If it sounds like Marvel is trying to shit on the X-Men it’s because they are. Marvel bankrupted themselves with their glut of idiot crossover events back in the late nineties and saved themselves by selling the film rights to the X-Men to Fox. They figure if they devalue the comics that Fox might sell the film rights back – which isn’t going to happen – and every now and again the X-Men get a writer who loves them and we get good comics where the mutants aren’t cast as the villains.

Marc Guggenheim is one of those writers. I actually am excited about Kitty being back with the X-Men, though I had hoped she would keep her Star-Lord outfit and cosmic power-up. She’s decided that it’s time to stop running and just deal with things, which means moving the X-Men into the open and forcing people to acknowledge that the X-Men save the world as much or more than the Avengers, and lack Tony Stark locking up, cloning, and betraying his friends or Captain America being a Nazi.

The team line-up is intriguing – Storm, Old Man Logan, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Prestige (who is Rachael Summers wearing… something). There’s a lot of history to draw upon there and I’m curious to see where it goes, and I really, really, really do not want to see the mess people call Colossus get back together with Kitty. None of that, please.

Ardian Syaf is handling art and we got a taste of what this creative team is capable of last week and that was pretty great. Here’s hoping Marvel has just decided to do good comics with these characters again. Fingers are crossed.

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