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God of Comics: Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers #1

Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers #1 (Udon)

I have a personal and long-standing belief that the person that created the mythology for Street Fighter thought they were writing the backstory for a role-playing game and started to cry when they realized it was for a fighting game.

There’s high drama here, folks: an American soldier and former POW on a mission to avenge his best friend and the man he was tortured with, a man who died when they tried to escape their captor. An Interpol agent investigating the man who killed her father, an evil dictator who runs an international drug empire out of his country. That same dictator having tapped into the life energy of the world and perverted it for his own ends and his desire to be re-incarnated as a woman.

Yes, that is a thing. Cammy White is a clone of M. Bison and was created to house his soul when his body dies. That’s four characters out of… there’s a lot of characters in Street Fighter. Some are tragic, some are funny, some are ancient and they’re all effectively gods.

Some of them are monsters, at least metaphorically.

Then there’s the Darkstalkers, and the Darkstalkers are literal monster-gods. Created by the same company, they have the same depth of mythology and character despite also being a fighting game. It’s ridiculous: the back drop for Darkstalkers is of a monster civil war, where an exiled vampire king is trying to lay claim to a nation protected by a sleeping something and his succubus… something. Oh, and the succubus was so powerful that it needed to be split into two entities.

Udon comics has done an impressive job of realizing the insanity and putting it on the printed page, often doing a better job with the lore and the characters than Capcom themselves, so watching them mash these two things together… well, it should be all kinds of great. Udon’s got Ken Siu-Chong handling writing and he’s done well by both these properties in the past, and Udon’s Edwin Huang is likewise one of the best for both these worlds.

This is definitely going to be weird but there’s a good chance it will also be awesome. We can’t wait to find out.

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