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Captain America Civil War Trailer

So, this hit last night, just in time for Thanksgiving:

Holy God, but that looks amazing.

Gotta admit, I was leery. I hated the Civil War comics. Loathed them. They were poorly written, poorly constructed, and so poorly-thought out that they were mostly retconned out of existence after just a few years. They made Iron Man evil, and kickstarted the whole mess that eventually forced Marvel to reboot the whole damn company to fix the damage they were doing to their characters. The comic made no sense even as an allegory, and failed on pretty much every level.

This, though? Captain America would be loyal to his friends, and especially Bucky – a man who was victimized in a way that most people can’t even imagine. Given the current trends of victim blaming in popular news media and the leaked intelligence that came out at the end of Winter Soldier, there’s no chance that Bucky would be treated with anything other than fear by those in power. He’s a useful scapegoat, the sort of figurehead that could be tied to everything Hydra ever did.

Cap would stand by his friend and want to protect him… and that’s going to lead to heartbreak.

“He’s my friend,” Cap tells Tony.

“So was I,” Tony says.

Tony is still reeling from the fear that the Scarlet Witch inflicted on him. He’s been dealing with PTSD from the first Iron Man movie in every subsequent appearance, and that’s where this tragedy begins. Captain America isn’t what America is, but rather what it could be – Tony is a little more pragmatic, a little more realistic, and much more prone to fear. His desire to do right can be twisted, and it will be here. This is going to be incredible.

Also – Black Panther puts in an appearance here, and no, peoples, we didn’t see Wakanda yet. Go suffer through Age of Ultron again and listen to what the people smuggling the Vibranium out of Wakanda are saying: they’re no longer in that country and they don’t want to go back because they stole something precious and they’re pretty sure they’ll be executed if they’re caught. Black Panther showing up here changes the game entirely, and starts building to more movies to come.

So, yes, for the love of whatever you believe in, we’re in. We’re going.

This is going to be awesome.

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