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God of Comics 2015-10-28

IXth Generation #6IXth Generation #6

One of the more interesting things about smaller companies, like Top Cow or Valiant, is that they can fiddle about with continuity without becoming trapped by it. Marvel and DC feel trapped so they reboot the company, whereas Top Cow takes an established mythology and adds to it. That’s what this is, the far future of the Top Cow universe, where Velocity built gods and tried to save the world by destroying humanity. Did she have ulterior motives? Yes. Here’s where they get revealed.


Angela - Queen of Hel #1Angela – Queen of Hel #1

Odin gets a lot of flack for being a vengeful, unthinking brute in the Marvel mythos. His wife, though? His wife is a thousand times more vicious. Odin exiled Heven and the angels at the dawn of time, but Frigga gave the souls of dead angels to Hel, to be tortured forever. Angela just discovered the truth and has descended into Hel to rescue the soul of her only friend, the angel Sera. To do so, however, she’s going to have to thwart Hel… and become Hel. Amazing.


Arcadia #6Arcadia #6

Here’s a social divide for you – the sick remnants of humanity cling to the physical world, while a whole other civilization has risen up, cobbled together by the uploaded consciousnesses of every other human on the planet. Thing is, they’ve built a scarcity-economics based world where rarity is literally nothing more than ones and zeroes, and the whole of humanity might die because of the short-sighted greed of a few and the complicity of the many. Poignant.


Batgirl #45Batgirl #45

The heart of the DCYou is this comic. There’s some people that dislike it, but the frenetic sense of fun in this book is the purest sort of joy to those that understand where this book is coming from. It’s a departure from the grimdark idiocy that characterized so much of the nu52, a counterpoint that dragged the whole of DC Comics back from the brink of madness. It’s also a total one-eighty from what came before it, so your mileage may vary. We quite like it.


Batman and Robin Eternal #4Batman and Robin Eternal #4

Hey, remember Batman Eternal? That was more hit than miss, an interesting weekly series that evolved the whole of the Bat-mythos. This comic is a continuation of that – Bruce Wayne no longer the Batman, but still having to deal with consequences of actions he no longer remembers. Dick has to pick up the slack with the other Robins, Tim, Jason, and Damien, while Steph, Cass, and Harper join the fun. Oh, and Catwoman figures in, because Catwoman. This is going to be awesome. Just look at the writing team.


Black Magick #1Black Magick #1

Hey, an urban fantasy comic with some horror and noir overtones. That’s pretty much my jam right there – Detective Rowan Black working robbery and homicide for small town PD, but also walking the fine line between illusions and divinity. Oh, and it’s being written by “I’m the best unrecognized writer in comics today,” Greg Rucka. Seriously, can he pen anything bad? No? We’ve never seen it. Also, Nicola Scott are. I’m in. This comic sounds as necessary as oxygen.


Blade #1Blade #1

Iron Man was great and all, but it wasn’t the first good movie that happened to be about a superhero (as opposed to a good superhero movie). The first of that lot would be Blade, a story about a vampire hunter who is also half-vampire due to some complications of birth. It was good times and a lot of fun and now Marvel is seeking to remind us how awesome Blade could be, only they’re putting a female in the lead. I’m curious, Marvel. I want this to be good. Make it so.


Book of Death #4Book of Death #4

So, way back in Shadowman, Valiant came straight out and said that terrible things would happen in Master Darque was left unchecked. He was stopped by Shadowman, but then Shadowman fell and Darque has been running around in the shadows, and now he’s threatening the life force of the whole planet via means of corrupting the line of Geomancers. Robert Venditti – who writes the best of all comics, X-O Manowar – caps off the terrifying event comic that has evolved and haunted the whole of the Valiant Universe.


The Coming of Rage #1The Coming of Rage #1

You know, I don’t even care. Wes Craven is writing this. The man behind A Nightmare on Elm Street, the Serpent and the Rainbow, Scream, the Hills Have Eyes… this is another one of those moments where I don’t care what the comic is about, the name of the writer alone is enough to get me interested. Wes Craven doing a horror comic about vampires. There. That’s it. That’s the solicit. Nothing else matters. Wes Craven. Writing a comic. Vampires. We’re in.


Exit Generation #2Exit Generation #2

This comic came out of nowhere and has been a massive surprise. The premise is that most of humanity leaves earth, but due to technical malfunctions get stranded out in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, back on earth, peace breaks out until a group of aliens come down looking to snack on the human race, and our only chance for survival is a guy who wants to be the star if an eighties action movie. Concepts like this are why you get into comics. Read this.


He-Man - The Eternity War #11He-Man – The Eternity War #11

Can shit get any more real? The Horde was repelled, but Skeletor took the power of Greyskull for himself, leaving Adam a broken shell of a child. Adora is missing, a captive of her uncle, and the only man that might save everything is Man-at-Arms – but he’s got problems of his own, as his opposite number among Skeletor’s goons is hunting him with all the power at his disposal, and Man-at-Arms is all alone. Only one of them is going to survive, and there are no promises left among the former Masters of the Universe.


Justice League 3001 #5Justice League 3001 #5

Of course Bruce left a Batman robot to defend Gotham once he was dead. Of course he did. So when the Batman clone shows up, robot Batman goes off to investigate and there’s a whole new threat coming in from another galaxy, so maybe Lois will come clean about what she’s done and how she’s infiltrated the Justice League, and someone will let her know that she’s not actually a villain? She’s bad at villain. One of the most creative and insane DC comics, and in all the best ways.


Kanan - The Last Padawan #7Kanan: The Last Padawan #7

I hope you’ve seen Star Wars Rebels – it’s a cute little animated show about Jedi Aladdin and the smuggler band that adopts him and then, subsequently, kicks off the Rebel Alliance by accident. A big part of that was former padawan Caleb Dune, now known as Kanan, a survivor of that time when the clones killed all the Jedi. We’ve seen the aftermath of that time, but now we see Caleb at the start, when he meets and starts working with a Jedi Master. Should be fun.


Manifest Destiny #18Manifest Destiny #18

Way back when, two soldiers were commissioned to go and explore a chunk of land called the Louisiana Purchase, which included, well, Louisiana. Fairly straightforward, right? Not… exactly. The lands they’re exploring here are haunted and strange, filled with plant zombies, buffalo centaurs, giant frogs and bugs, talking birds, and worse. It’s enough to drive less stalwart men mad, and it has taken a massive toll on the crew. Historical horror done right.


Prez #5Prez #5

Read this comic. Read it. It is one of the most honest looks at everything wrong with modern politics that you’re going to find, and it’s biting as hell in that commentary. There’s comedy and the premise is comedic – a late teen fast food worker becoming President of the United States due to money in politics and entertainment and internet culture – but it’s the implications and consequences of everything happening in the background that make this comic what it is. And what it is, is vital. Here’s something people should be reading in school, and it’s a shame this has been knocked down to six issues instead of twelve due to lack of readers. Fix that. Pick this up. It’s brilliant.


Spire #4Spire #4

Here’s a story that does not talk down to anyone, ever. It expects you to keep pace with the information given, offering little exposition while presenting a gloriously realized world of humanity and post-humanity, a sprawling spire that houses one of the last remaining civilizations, wherein a serial killer is on the loose and a post-human spider-girl named Shå has been given the task of hunting the damn thing down. War approaches, too, which makes everything even better. Weird and excellent.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #51Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #51

Oroko Saki is dead. Fifty issues of the looming threat of Shredder, the unstoppable powerhouse that he was, overcoming all odds and smashing through all opposition. It took Splinter tapping into lifetimes of wisdom to overcome him, but does he have the wisdom needed to take over from where Saki left off? Mutants, crime families, and gods are all coalescing towards some unknowable climax, and the bonds of family that bind the Turtles fracture under the weight of victory. This is the best version of the TMNT, ever, and you should be reading it.


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1

Weird. Didn’t the first issue of this come out earlier this year…? Right. It did. The idiocy of Secret Wars does it’s thing yet again. Thing is, this comic was freaking awesome before the reboot, avoided Secret Wars entirely, and should be awesome now that Secret Wars is done. I don’t think Squirrel Girl was even involved, for the simple reason that she would have ended the idiot thing by herself. She’s taken down Galactus, Doom, and even Thanos all by herself. Squirrel Gril is awesome, and so is her series.

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