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God of Comics 2015-09-23

IXth Generation #5IXth Generation #5

A lot of superhero comics are all too eager to show off the futures that their worlds promise. Imperium gave us a vision of a Utopia, where as titles like Justice League 3001 or the 2099 titles from Marvel show, largely, a dystopia. This veers on that side of things, but grants a bunch of bio-engineered gods access to the Top Cow Artifacts – weapons like the Witchblade or the Angelus – and sets them all against a god-level Darkness. The stakes are every living thing, and the weapon is cleverness. An awesome concept carried to near perfection.


Amelia Cole and the Impossible FateAmelia Cole and the Impossible Fate

I keep hearing things about this title; a sort of cross between magic and technology, co-existing as best they can, with a tech genius lead named Amelia Cole slowly learning about the rest of her world. There’s powers in place that aren’t fond of her, though, and they’ve banished her to the magic world where none of her tech works. Seems that’s what happens when you challenge the authorities. It’s an interesting concept that plays with reality, identity, free will, and destiny.


Arcadia #5Arcadia #5

Speaking of comics that play with free will, reality, and identity… imagine a world where most of humanity was dying of a plague, so they were frozen and their minds uploaded into a piece of software, where they were supposed to look for a cure while those that had an immunity to the disease kept them alive. Somewhere along the way, because people are people, a scarcity-based paradigm infected the programmed world. Things went wrong, which makes this a good read.


Batgirl #44Batgirl #44

The son of the guy that used to run Wayne Enterprises before Batman Eternal destroyed the Wayne fortune has come to college and has a start-up going, and Babs would like to get involved with it. Why wouldn’t she? She’s brilliant, and this is the sort of thing that could make for very interesting writing. This is the book that pretty much set the tone for the whole of the DCYou, and is one of the most fun comics that DC is publishing right now. This very manga-esque in presentation and narrative, and would make an awesome anime.


Book of Death #3Book of Death #3

Last issue gave us the reveal of Master Darque as the big bad. He’s pretty much a God of Death, an otherworldly force that cannot be understood and only barely contained. He’s evil beyond comprehension, and he’s corrupted the one force that kept him in check, and anyone else from knowing he existed – now, he’s going about corrupting the Geomancer, who is the human interface for the life-force of the planet. This is an insanely cool story. Check it out.


Exit Generation #1Exit Generation #1

This is one of the best concepts for a comic, ever – most of humanity leaves earth to go find a better home in the cosmos. Those left behind find what’s left to be a paradise, and enter a sort of boring utopian thing that lasts right up until a horde of carnivorous aliens arrive to devour them all. Thankfully, our lead has always wanted to be an 80’s action movie hero, and this is his chance~! This is exactly the sort of lunacy I got into comics for.



Hacktivist #3Hacktivist #3

Oh, gods, read this comic. Go out, get the prior trade, and for the love of yourself and your fellow man, read this comic. This is all about the power of internet to affect the real world on both a direct and ideological level, and what happens when that power finds itself in the hands of people that aren’t so careful with it as they think they are, and how those who crafted that power in the first place have to take responsibility for those who think they’re following in their footsteps. It’s brilliant and gorgeous and shockingly poignant, a story that lives up to and then exceeds every promise it makes. It’s probably the best thing you’ll read this week, if not this month.


Harley Quinn & Power Girl #4Harley Quinn & Power Girl #4

The sheer weirdness of this book – Harley conned a partially amnesiac Power Girl into thinking they were a team. They fell through an inter-dimensional portal, returned, fell through another one, and are currently fighting to save an alien seventies disco love god from another group of aliens and the brainwashing that has made him a killing machine. Oh, and he was also in a thing with an alternate-reality Power Girl, because of course he was. DC Comics exists for this.


He-Man - The Eternity War #10He-Man: The Eternity War #10

DC Comics’ He-Man comics are better than they have any business being, even if they jump stories before reaching a climax. That’s annoying. We get to see and explore the aftermath, and infer what happened through those stories. In this case, Prince Adam is weak and sickly, and his uncle, Skeletor, has claimed the power of Grayskull for himself. The question has oft been asked, why was Adam worthy and his uncle not? We may be looking at a definitive answer.


Justice League 3001 #4Justice League 3001 #4

Classic DC heroes are partially and badly cloned a thousand years after they die and hook up with some immortal or time displaced heroes of the modern era, and, oh, what adventures they have…! Between the legions of hell, a supervillain group called the Five, and a galactic government that sometimes gives violent species to Starro for colonization, this is the weirdest future outside of Transmetropolitan. Now, a time-displaced villian confronts the bad partial clone of the Flash, who is currently also one of the people responsible for this whole mess in the first place~! This comic is insane and cool, both and at the same time.


Kanan - The Last Padawan #6Kanan: The Last Padawan #6

This comic is a tragedy, doing everything for Caleb Dune that the prequel movies failed to do for Anakin. Caleb was forced to abandon his identity as a Jedi Padawan and became a criminal, eventually finding something like a family and almost a way to live with himself. Then, he took on a Padawan, and that’s brought everything that he could have been back to the surface – but now he’s returning to the planet that robbed him of his identity. I’m sure everything will be fine there. Nothing will haunt him at all. Nope.


Public Relations #1Public Relations #1

Got this recommended to me during one of the Nerdouver podcasts / vlogs. It’s about politics and family in the modern world, only there’s one place that may secretly have magic, like, real magic. And this one guy’s been invited there, because it’s his father’s 50th birthday, and also his father may be the absolute ruler of that place, and why wouldn’t you want to go to that sort of gala? I want to go to that gala. I’m just about out of coffee and I bet their coffee is spectacular.


Red Sonja #18Red Sonja #18

This title is going to be getting the God of Comics treatment this week, because Gail Simone. No, seriously, there has not been a single writer that has done so much with this character in all her history, and we will be getting into that at length come Thursday. For now, just know that this is an artistic and emotional masterpiece, told with the deft skill of characterization that has become a Gail Simone hallmark. An epic in the purest sense of the word, and one that deserves to be read.


Spire #3Spire #3

Lettering is an artform, and no comic makes better use of their lettering than this one. They convey so much with the way speech is constructed and portrayed in this series, which also benefits from an unspeakably cool concept. A human with spider-like abilities is playing detective on one of the last bastions of civilization, where the Baroness to be doesn’t like those that are not, strictly speaking, human. Spider detective is investigating a string of viscious bloody murders and also sleeping with the Baroness’ daughter, both of which can only end in tears. Ambitious stuff, this is.


Thief of Thieves #31Thief of Thieves #31

The problem with leaving a life you’ve devoted everything to is that there’s nothing else for you. You can try to abandon what you were, but that definition will haunt you, especially if you’ve got nothing to fill the void. Redmond is good at being a thief and terrible at being anything else – so his retirement is not the sort of thing that’s going to last, not now that his apprentice went and got herself caught while trading on his name. Hilarity will not ensue as one of the best crime comics going continues.


Think Tank #1Think Tank #1

Huh. This sounds like a mash-up of Hacktivist and Injection, and that could be cool. Someone is attacking the technological infrastructure of the United States, and the government is woefully under-prepared for such an assault. They assemble a think tank to stop it, and their idea is to create an army of robotic armor that people can wear, because of course it is. So, Hacktivist and Injection by way of Iron Man? Could be cool. Worth checking out, at any rate.


Weirdworld #4Weirdworld #4

The best part about Secret Wars is how little money I’m spending on Marvel comics during this period of time. There’s been some decent standouts – good writers making the best of a shitty editorial mandate forced by a shitty writer’s mistakes – and this is one of the best of the lot. It’s so good, in fact, that Marvel’s decided to make this an ongoing once the idiot event thing is at an end. Basically, a barbarian hero king tries to navigate a world where everything can and does happen. A swamp of Man-Things? Sure. Gun-toting ogres? Why not? Lava men? We can work those in. Everything is insane. Everything is weird. And it’s brilliant.


Wolf #3Wolf #3

Peace Talks isn’t due out til next year. You’re killing us, Jim. And Hexed just wrapped up, and that was beautiful and all but we need some new bit of high quality urban fantasy. Wolf is stepping up to fill the gap, being about a badass werewolf with a bit of a rep who does what he can to keep the peace between various supernatural and human interests. He may also be protecting the Antichrist, but I suppose we can wait to find out. Well, some people might. I can’t. This is excellent – broody, moody, funny, and violent.

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