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Nerdcouver Comics 016

Now that convention crunch is over, Nerdcouver is back to talk comics and other assorted geeky errata! Everything goes back to regular schedule, and, better still – this week all the missing episodes and backlogged reviews will be posted~!

For now, here’s episode 15. Them kooky Nerdcouver kids, they be talking about UFOlofy, The Woods, Imperium, Ms. Marvel, John Flood, Nailbiter, Deadly Class, The Spire, Muirwood: The Lost Abbey, Jirni, We Stand on Guard, and 8House: Arclight.

Nerdcouver is and can be found at:

Aaron Golden @lastswann

Nathan Rayes @natemayes

Reva Dawn @maplebunnie

Jenna Táralóm @novavandorwolf

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