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Nerdcouver on Comics – Episode 013

No, you’re not going crazy. We’re releasing episode 13 before 11 and 12 due to the fact that one of us uses a Mac and someone’s video camera is apparently super biased towards Windows. Bring forth the comics!

This week we talk about Cyborg, Fight Club 2, Grayson, Enormous, Sons of the Devil, Archie vs Predator, Death Book, TMNT Casey & April, and Prez!

Episodes 11 and 12 have been converted to files that will work on Mac so the editing can begin!
Also coming your way, some more non-comicy reviews!

Nerdcouver is and can be found at:

Aaron Golden @lastswann

Nathan Rayes @natemayes

Reva Dawn @maplebunnie

Jenna Táralóm @novavandorwolf

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