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San Diego – Day the First

First of all, thank you to the weather gods so far! The weather at home has been so ridiculously warm that Southern California feels positively temperate. I mean, sure, I’m still sweating like a pig, but I don’t notice as much, you know? And it’s a con… at some point you just have to stop caring about being gross and disgusting and just go with it.

20150709_152756Where to start? Thursday is probably the quietest day of the con, but with the seemingly endless sea of humanity everywhere, you wouldn’t know it. I shake my fist at everyone who thinks it is a good idea to try and drive a car anywhere near the convention centre. Seriously people, what *are* you thinking?

So, a brief recap…

SDCC wouldn’t be complete without protesters. I’m not exactly sure how enjoying comics / television/ movies / anime means that we’re going to burn in a pit of eternal torment, but I’m not about to poke the bear and ask the question. I’ve got better things to do with my time. But the presence of protesters means that there will be people there to counter the protesters, and they’re pretty much guaranteed to be full of win. Like this dude.

20150709_115607And how awesome is NerdHQ this year? The answer of course, is full of awesome. Especially the nerdunteers. Shout out to all the NerdHQrew! I was lucky enough to attend the William Shatner panel, which I have a feeling might end up being the highlight of my convention. I mean, come on, you can’t top lap sitting! I don’t think that is what this guy was expecting when he got to ask the first question.


Overall, the venue this year is a little smaller, which returns things to a slightly more intimate feeling. It is more reminiscent of the first two years, before they took over Petco. There are some gaming areas, and Star Wars Battlefront has a pretty big presence. And come on, where else can you happen to capture a picture of Batman on a snow speeder? 20150709_152425The dance area is pretty small, so I’m going to have to turn up early to get my groove on. The Nerd Machine dance parties are always the place to be. Just remember to stay hydrated folks! And the presence of food trucks outside means snacks aren’t far away.

20150709_123814I wanted to check out Nerdist’s Conival, but MTV has a thing going on in Petco as well, and there was a massive line trying to get in. Hoping to get over there tomorrow morning.

Until then, I’m resting my dancing feet!

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