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Roll for Crit: Concept – A Game Review

When no one was looking, geeks took over the board game industry and made some really cool games that you can play with friends. We’ve touched on this before, and Roll for Crit is looking at games in all their depth and detail, letting us and you know what games are worth playing. 

This week, they’re playing Concept.

In short...

The Skinny: Concept is charades with a board instead of acting.

The Good: A fun game for parties and people who are looking for a good time but aren’t really interested in winning, losing, or paying much attention.

The Bad: It’s charades without acting. Trying to guess abstract concepts.

To read and learn more about Roll for Crit, clicking on their name will take you to their site. If you’re interested in buying Concept, you can do so by clicking on the name of the game. You can also talk to the fine folks at Roll for Crit by following them on their twitter, which you can find here.

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