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The Sixth Gun Role-Playing Game

It’s no secret that we like role-playing games. Everyone on staff is a fan, to the point where our CEO went ahead and invented his own system. If you’ve seen our offices, well, this is one of the bookshelves that are full of splat books, fluff books, rule books… the point is, we love pen-and-paper role playing games. We adore them. We play them a lot, and discuss settings and characters. We go to comedy shows about them.

And we also love comics. It’s shocking, we know, given that we’re part of the Nerdcouver vlog, have been guests on the League of Manchildren Booked Podcast, listen to the Quiver podcast, and have a weekly column called God of Comics. One of the comics that we love and rant about whenever possible is called the Sixth Gun, a horror-western written by Cullen Bunn, whose comics frequently place among our weekly top five comics.

So the news that Cullen Bunn, Oni Press, and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are starting a Kickstarter to create a Sixth Gun Role-Playing Game? That’s kind of exciting to us. By I kind of, I mean really. As in, I need this to be a thing that happens.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group is responsible for Deadlands: the Weird West, a pen-and-paper role-playing game set in a haunted old west that features some of the most interesting mythology you’ll find in gaming, with a system that was so good that they ended up launching a line called Savage Worlds out of it. Deadlands and Savage Worlds are both some of the most fun you can have role-playing, and both setting and system lend themselves perfectly to the Sixth Gun setting.

They’re also threatening miniatures, and if you’ve been gaming for any length of time you know how useful those can be – and if you’ve been following the Sixth Gun, you have to know how cool some of those miniatures are going to look. General Hume, the Grey Witch, the Wendigo, and the Thunderbirds are only some of the minis we’re likely to see coming out of this. I mean, c’mon, watch this and tell me you’re not excited:

Now, if you’re as excited as we are, you can visit the kickstarter by clicking anywhere on this sentence.

C’mon, peoples, let’s make this happen.

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