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Jesse Inocalla discusses Northwest Fan Fest

Jesse Inocalla is a local comedian, actor, and demagogue who has been one of the founding fathers of the modern geek community. One of his biggest contributions to the scene was the advent of the Cosplay Walk-Off, which he returns to this year at Northwest Fan Fest. Here’s his thoughts on the event to come. 


Jesse 00LMM: What does fandom mean to you?

Jesse InocallaFandom, n. a group of likeminded weirdos united in their mutual love and adoration of something. It could be candy, it could be the Steelers, it could even be…..alternative media and alternative media solutions. Which is what the fine people at Northwest Fan Fest have to offer.


LMM: How do you explain that to people not in the know?

Jesse Inocalla: I simply remind them that they, too, have their own fandoms. it could be candy, it could be the Steelers, it could even be….alternative media! We live in an era where the greatest majority of content being created and developed comes from sources that we all found near and dear to us, be it comic books, classic cartoons, or even movies of yesteryear! Did you like The Road Warrior? Now there’s Fury Road. Did you like Star Wars? Now there’s The Force Awakens. Did you like Last of the Mohicans? Now there’s Avatar! We are seeing an exciting new shift into recycled content and it’s working out beautifully for anyone who liked that content in the first place. Unless you happen to like the Ninja Turtles films, Jem and the Holograms, or the original Transformers series.


LMM: How has being a part of the fandom affected your life?

Jesse Inocalla: Being part of my own personal fandoms (Renaissance Literature, Mongol History, and Neon Genesis Evangelion) has taught me a lot of important lessons. It’s taught me that art is beautiful and meant to be appreciated, and that the genesis of great art is human ingenuity and inspiration. It’s taught me the most effective ways to subjugate the largest contiguous land empire in human history under my heel (Here’s a hint: Leave one person alive to tell the tale of your wanton destruction!). But most important of all, it’s taught me that the only real way to win the affection of my distant father is to pilot a robot containing the soul of my mother to defend humanity from the forces of God himself. And really, isn’t family the most important fandom of all?


LMM: What kind of impact do events like Northwest Fan Fest have for the fandom?

Jesse Inocalla: Events like Northwest Fan Fest do a great job of synergizing the drive coefficient of the community. They help propel their earnings ratios into the stratosphere and streamline the buzz dynamic into a Web 3.0 interface.


LMM: What’s your favorite part of Fan Fest?

Jesse Inocalla: Friday at 1pm. BE THERE #doubleimpact


LMM: Who are you excited to see at NWFF?

Jesse Inocalla: The eminent Doctor Uwe Boll, smiter of critics. I will give him my resumé, headshot, and a firm, professional handshake indicating that I respect him, but do not fear him.


LMM: How would you get somebody who has never heard of it to come out?

Jesse Inocalla: I would tell them that those guys over there told me they weren’t gonna go because they were chickens, and would then ask “Are you a chicken?”. No, you are not. You are people. Fine people. PROUD people. Stand strong. You show those other guys you’re better than them. Get thee to the Anvil Center. Strike a blow, for freedom.

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