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Anne Honeycutt discusses Northwest Fan Fest

Anne Honeycutt is one of the most outspoken and wise members of the Vancouver Geek Community, a frequent debater for West Coast Geeks vs. Nerds, and one of those people that loves Northwest Fan Fest so much that she’s involved (secretly) behind the scenes. Here’s what she’s got to say about that… 
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LMM: What does fandom mean to you?
Anne Honeycutt: Fandom means Family. I spent most of my life being “weird”. I am not weird anymore. I have found an amazing community of people that love the things I love. I can sit anywhere at Northwest FanFest and be able to tell someone I love their Harley Quinn cosplay and be able to talk about the intricacies of large mallet construnction and then after that I can bump into someone at a panel about geek girl culture and have a conversation about how important Arya and Sansa Stark are.
LMM: How has being apart of the fandom affected your life?
Anne Honeycutt: I was raised in geek culture. I went to conventions as a child. Grew up with parents who played DnD and Klingon was my first language. Fandom is my life. It is how I was raised. Find something you are into and obsess. Life is nothing if you don’t have passion.
LMM: What kind of impact do events like Northwest Fan Fest have for the fandom?
Anne Honeycutt: Well, it shows that you are a) not alone. b) that you can find your “tribe” and that no matter what you are into you are going to at least find one other person who likes what you like and the level you like it. c) It strengthens community. The panels at FanFest are diverse and community driven. The shows at FanFest are diverse and community driven.
LMM: What’s your favorite part of Fan Fest?
Anne Honeycutt: Last year, my favourite part of it was just hanging out in line for things. I was cosplaying as DJ Hello Kitty and my bestie was cosplaying as a member of DaftPunk and we started line raves. This year, I am excited for the chance to do panels myself and then also the VIP afterparty.
LMM: Who are you excited to see at Northwest Fan Fest?
Anne Honeycutt: Improv Against Humanity, Westcoast Geeks vs. Nerds, MissingNo, Reboot Musical, Tom Cook, Andy Rae Cosplay, and Kayla Rose Cosplay. AND ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO WILL BE ATTENDING!
LMM: How would you get somebody who has never heard of it to come out?
Anne Honeycutt: Little kids cosplay contest will prove to be the most adorable thing ever. If you don’t like children in cosplay.. then think of all of the adults in cosplay. And if you don’t like cosplay. we have gaming! and we have ALL THE THINGS! Just come, if you don’t like it.. you can tell me about it and I will give you a hug.
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