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We Stood on Guard for Thee

Bill C51 002Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party of Canada, was once quoted as saying that Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of our Country, is “not really Canadian.”

The basis of this quote had nothing to do with, say, the “birther” movement of the United States, though it does have to do with American Politics. See, May alleges that Harper is not Canadian in his approach to politics or even his conservatism, which takes on a decidedly GOPish flavor.

He’s anti-regulation, attempting to deregulate banks in the same way that led to the financial crash of 2008. He’s pro-corporation, kowtowing to corporate interests whenever asked and accepting whatever gifts and campaign donations they’re willing to give him.

He’s anti-science, going out of his way to snuff that environmental findings of our country, which were once leaders in the field world-wide. He’s anti-LGBT, as a simple quick google search or any of his interviews will quickly confirm. Or you can look up Bill C279, which strips away the legal protections of transgendered people.

He destroyed Census Canada, considered to be one of the best statistics groups in the world, for ideological reasons. He insists on the Canadian Government being called the Harper Government. He introduced Bill C24, which makes it harder to earn Canadian citizenship and easier to lose it.

He tried to reverse gay people having the right to marry. He’s led witch-hunts against political dissidents and liberal university professors that would have made McCarthy blush. He’s regulated the federal political press by the number of questions they can ask and only allowing pre-approved questions from pro-Conservative sources.

He was influential in getting the United Nations to not recognize clean drinking water as a basic human right. He used robocalls to stuff the ballot box in the last election by misinforming citizens of where to vote or who to vote for.

When a gunman broke into Canadian Parliment, most of our politicians grabbed flagpoles and held them like spears, forming a phalanx and preparing to defend themselves and one another. Stephen Harper abandoned everyone and went to hide in a closet.

He is the only Prime Minister to ever be held in Contempt of Parliment.

With Bill C51, he’s finally proven to be entirely anti-Canadian.

Bill C51 is being marketed as an anti-terrorism bill similar to the Patriot Act, which saw such innovations as the no-fly list (which keeps innocent people from travelling because of their names), Guantanomo Bay (where innocent people have been kept and tortured for years without providing any useful information), and the TSA (which, according to experts, has stopped a little less than one terrorist attack since it’s inception).

Four former Prime Ministers have signed a petition asking for Bill C51 not to pass. Security experts from CSIS and the RCMP have called it a blatant overreach. Constitutional lawyers Clay Ruby and Nader Hasan have called it a violation of our basic rights and freedoms.

The Conservatives are using fear as a means to pass this bill, claiming that it’s use would have stopped the Toronto 18 from achieving their goals, something you may not have heard of because their goals were stopped without it.

What is Bill C51? What does it do?

For a start, Bill C51 stretches the definition of terrorist activity to include peaceful protests and political disagreements of any sort, restricts freedom of expression, and would allow the government, RCMP, and CSIS to access records at Health Canada and Revenue Canada without a warrant.

It also is direct attack on the internet, regulating what is allowable for people to watch based on content. If Bill C51 passes, there’s a good chance that you will not be able to read this article and that the people working here are going to end up on a watch list.

Tom Mulcair, leader of the New Democratic Party, has called Bill C51 as “sweeping, dangerously vague, and ineffective.”

He’s being overly polite by doing so.

The Canadian Government will vote on Bill C51 on May 6th, 2015. The Harper Government will push it through using tactics they’ve culled from the GOP, a group that Harper wishes he was a member of.

And we’re all going to suffer for it.

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