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A Vogue New Look for The Fictionals

IAH_Vogue_adThe Fictionals are at it again – being horrible while improv-ing against humanity, and this time they are going big.  After a short two years, the Fictionals have expanded their horribleness. 1200 lucky Vancouverites can join them for Improv Against Humanity’s opening night at the Vogue Theater, this February 17th. We caught up with Daniel Chai, one of the founders of the Fictionals, and asked him about this change.

“We’ve been performing the show since 2012, and have been very lucky to have great fans help us spread word about IAH to the point where we were selling out our former venue Rio Theatre regularly…,” Daniel Chai explains. “We had fans come up to us after our last sold-out show telling us it was time to find a bigger venue, and people commenting on social media how packed the Rio Theatre was…Moving to the Vogue Theatre offers us a bigger stage, bigger laughs, and the same Cards Against Humanity comedy that Vancouver knows and loves!”

All the favorite Improv Against Humanity segments will be there: the video intro, the Twitter Wall of Doom, and hints of a few special guests and some brand new features that will be unique to the Vogue experience. Update your twitter – #IAHatVOGUE is the new hashtag for horrible.  What makes this relocation so great is the vote of confidence Vancouver has given the Fictionals.

“I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of this amazing transition for IAH,” said Fictionals’ player Sarah Dawn Pledge. “I am very excited to see what we bring to the Vogue.”

“Bringing Improv Against Humanity to the Vogue means shining a bigger spotlight on the Vancouver comedy scene as a whole,” said Chip Ellis, another one of the Fictionals’ founders. “The Fictionals are blazing new trails, and I’m excited for the opportunity to share the spectacle that is IAH with an even larger audience.”

Fictionals 2015-01-21 736 (1)It’s not just the size of the venue that makes this so exciting, but rather the size of the fan base. That’s you, Vancouver. From comedy lovers to gamers and more, Vancouver is clamoring for greater quantity and quality when it comes to their live entertainment.

The Fictionals are all too happy to bring it. In addition to their upcoming performances at the Vogue, they will still be performing their regular weekly show, Hot Improv Tuesdays, at Cafe Deux Soleils, and performing special events at the Rio Theatre.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about – and we think that you should – then make sure to get your tickets for the February 17th showing at the Vogue. If you like improve, comedy, and/or fun, you will not be disappointed.



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